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DS9: Second Skin

Second Skin: Kira is really a Cardassian!

Dax is moping in Quark's. Kira turns up late for their holosuite session, and earns some innuendo from Quark. Before they can go sailing, they're interrupted by a woman wanting to know about a Cardassian prison that records say Kira was at - but Kira doesn't remember being there at all. Oh, that's no big deal; I'm forever forgetting being in prison camps...

Kira's convinced that the records are fake, because she remembers spending that winter hiding in caves. She contacts another member of her resistance cell, who says she was captured by Cardassians, and decides to go down to Bajor to find out WTF is going on. Meanwhile, suspicious woman does suspicious things, and Bashir chats with his boyfriendGarak. Also, Sisko receives a call from Bajor to say that Kira never arrived.

Kira wakes up with suspicious woman, and finds she is now (a) on Cardassia and (b) a Cardassian! *DRAMATIC ZOOOOOOM*

Yeah, I've lost count of the number of times I've been kidnapped and turned into a different species.

A Cardassian named Entek claims she's a Cardassian spy named Iliana Ghemor who was disguised and placed on Bajor to infiltrate the resistance. Also, she's introduced to her Cardassian dad, Tekeny Ghemor, who is sad that she doesn't remember him. He persists, despite her denials.

Garak says he's heard that Kira has been captured by the Obsidian Order, and Sisko decides to launch a rescue mission, persuading Garak to come along by extortion.

Entek is concerned that Kira's not regaining any Cardassian memories after two days, and questions her on the operating of Deep Space 9. When she proves uncoopertive, he shows her the frozen body of the Bajoran they switched Iliana for, who looks exactly like Kira. Kira denounces it as a fake, but Entak relates a story from her past which she never shared with anyone.

That night, she attempts a break out, but is intercepted by Dad who suggests she watch the recording Entek gave her. The recording is of Iliana from before setting off on the mission to infiltrate Bajor.

Sisko's ship is stopped by some Cardassian warships, but Garak uses spy-speak on them and they're allowed to pass.

Entek continues to question Kira, but is interrupted by Cardy Dad who tells him to lay off. Dad realises that Entek is going to have to take her to Obsidian Order HQ for interrogation, and that he must get her away from Cardassia. Dad reveals that he's a Cardassian dissident, and Kira starts putting 3 and 3 together to work out that the whole setup was a trap to get Dad to reveal himself. Unfortunately Entek has overheard and holds them all at gunpoint, killing Dad's dissident buddy.

Fortunately, at this point, Sisko, Garak and Odo arrive to rescue Kira and Dad. Garak shoots Entek dead during the escape.

Back on DS9, Kira says that Bashir has confirmed that she is really a Bajoran. Dad says he'll continue to try to find the real Iliana, and also says that she shouldn't trust Garak as far as she can spit him.

What? The Obsidian Order couldn't find one of their own number to pretend to be Iliana?? Seems like a lot of trouble to go to. :P
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