Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: The Abandoned

The Abandoned: Quark buys a baby.

Jake is hanging out with a Dabo girl named Mardah. Meanwhile, Quark buys a wrecked ship, only to discover it comes with a baby in a crate. What? Sisko is not impressed that Quark has bought a baby, and efforts to track the woman who sold him the salvage. Quark is not impressed that the wreckage has been confiscated. Also Dax is impressed by how Sisko has taken to the baby. Sisko is getting clucky. He goes back to his quarters to hug Jake, but Jake's miffed because Sisko invited Mardah to dinner without telling him.

Later on, Bashir is surprised that the baby has grown up quite a lot and now looks like an 8 year old. Is this his first Science Fiction baby? They all do that.

Sci Fi baby can speak English already, naturally, and asks for food. Bashir reasons that he's genetically enhanced.

Sisko tells O'Brien that he's not happy about Jake dating Marta, being that she's a Dabo girl and 7 years his senior and all. Meanwhile, Kira takes Odo a quarters-warming plant and gets a tour. Bashir and Dax muse over Sci Fi Kid's origin, and then are called to the infirmary, where Sci Fi Kid has matured into a Jem'Hadar.

Star Fleet is excited about having a captive Jem'Hadar and want him shipped to a Starbase, but Odo thinks they should look after him so he can try to get more information. Sisko says he'll stall. The Jem'Hadar is angsty, but does whatever Odo tells him to do and admits that he has an overwhelming urge to hit people.

Sisko, Jake and Mardah sit down for their meal. And Sisko discovers he doesn't know quite as much about his son as he thought.

O'Brien finds some of the drugs which the Jem'Hadar is genetically addicted to in the wreckage. This seems to help. Why don't they poor bastard a name? Right, I'm calling him Frank.

Odo tries to talk Frank out of his inbred superiority complex, and finds Frank is curious about his people, so Odo plays back footage of Jem'Hadar fighting humans. They go to a holosuite and let Frank practice hitting things. Kira expresses her concern about letting Frank move in with Odo, but he's confident that he can get Frank to overcome his ingrained aggression. Kira reluctantly agrees.

Unfortunately it becomes clearer that Frank's not really the non-aggressive type. Sisko tells Odo that Star Fleet is sending a ship to pick up Frank, cue Frank decloaking - he's heard everything and he's pissed. He demands a runabout and takes Odo along with him. Odo pleads with Frank on the way to find a better way, but Frank's dead set on returning to the Gamma Quadrant to be a Jem'Hadar.

Sisko ambushes the pair, but Odo says he'll return Frank to the Gamma Quadrant. Sisko reluctantly lets them go.

Later on, Sisko mentions about what he learned about Jake to O'Brien, and Odo tells Kira she was right about Frank. (how long did it take Odo to get to the Gamma Quadrant and back then?!)
Tags: deep space 9

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