Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Civil Defense

Civil Defense: Jake accidentally trips an old security program, DOOMING THE STATION!

O'Brien and Jake are working on the station's ore processor. They're going to install a new Operating System and turning it into a refinery. Sisko visits to check up, as Jake finds a file he can't erase. The computer asks for an access code and triggers an old security system, which seals them in. Obviously the Cardassians were running Windows Vista.

Kira tries to beam them out, but the computer prompts her for a security code. In security, Odo works on the lockout and is interrupted by Quark, who offers him a level 7 security code. Sisko stalls the computer by surrendering, and the trio work on a way out. A recording of Gul Dukat informs them they have two minutes before neurocine gas is released. Fortunately Jake crawls through the processing tubes and is able to open a hatch for them to escape through when the gas is released.

Unfortunately the computer decides that the Bajoran uprising that it's assumed is happening has escaped the ore processor and puts the whole station into lockdown. Sucks to be them.

Jake, Sisko and O'Brien reach a loading bay. Why is there an ore processor on DS9? Why would you mine ore on a planet, then take the ore all the way up to yer freakin' space station rather than, say, building a refinery on the planet?

Kira shoots through a door to try to get out of ops, only to discover a force field. Dax starts applying technobabble to the computer. Quark is less than impressed at being stuck in security with Odo, but then the feeling's mutual. Back in ops, Dax burns her hands on a force field, and the recording of Gul Dukat informs them that the habitat ring will be flooded with gas. Garak arrives at ops, having used his security code to get there, and suggests they knock out life support in order to prevent the gas from being released. Kira shoots out the life support, only to trigger security phase level 3 - self-destruct.

Just when you thought they couldn't be more boned.

Another pointless Odo/Quark scene. In Ops, they work on getting the computer to think that Garak is Dukat so they can shut down the security system. They also trigger phase 4, which appears to be some sort of weapon pod. I think I saw this in the Star Trek: The Animated Series. Finally, Dukat beams in, having received a distress call from the station. Of course, before he'll help them, he wants to have a wee gloatchat. Eventually he shuts off the weapons pod, and talks to Kira in Sisko's office about leaving some Cardassians on the station.

Kira refuses, so Dukat goes to return to his ship to give her time to think about it. Unfortunately for Dukat, the computer stops him from "abandoning his post" and deletes his access codes. Dukat looks embarrassed.

25 minutes to self destruct! To avert it, they decide they need to shut down the reactor. To do that, they have to deactivate all the force fields on the station.

In the loading bay, O'Brien rigs up some ore and they blow a hole in the door. But they're still trapped by force fields, so they decide to climb up the turbolift shaft.

In ops, Dukat activates some left over devices, and overloads the power grid, shutting down all the force fields and communications dampening fields. Sisko tells her to evacuate the station while he, O'Brien and Jake attempt to shut down the power core.

Unfortunately the force field around Security is still active. Quark is unimpressed.

Sisko and co encounter a blocked corridor and have to make their way through access tubes which are on fire and sparking and so on. HARDCORE! O'Brien is knocked out, but Sisko reaches the reactor and sets about directing the impending overload into the deflector shields. Jake rescues O'Brien. Sisko's adjustments work, and the station is saved! Just in time for another Odo and Quark comedy moment! Joy!
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