Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Past Tense (part 1)

Past Tense (part 1): Sisko, Bashir and Dax are accidentally beamed back in time to the distant past of 2024.

Ooo, rare Earth shot. The station's staff's visiting for some symposium or other. Who's looking after the station? Quark? Oh, speak of the devil - Quark rings up to quite rules of acquisitions at them. O'Brien attempts to beam Sisko, Bashir and Dax down, but they accidentally beam backwards in time to 2024. Yeah, that'll happen. Sisko and Bashir are captured by Dick "yes, I have been in everything" Miller and his pal, while Dax lies unconscious in a subway entrance. Dax is found by a native, Chris Brynner, who takes her home with him.

Kira and O'Brien try to work out where their missing crew members went. O'Brien says the ship's cloaking device emits chronoton particles.

Sisko and Bashir are turfed into a sanctuary district - the 21st century equivalent of Hooverville. Dax makes use of Brynner's terminal, which looks somewhat like the natural evolution of a 90s-era Mac, to order up some ID. Dick Miller discovers Sisko and Bashir aren't on the government databases, and gives them some forms to fill out.

O'Brien's worked out the freak events that sent Sisko and Bashir back in time. Good for him.

Back in the past, something's bothering Sisko. He's realised that they've arrived just before some major riots. Y halo thar episode made shortly after the LA riots! Sisko explains how Gabriel Bell's death at the start of the riots set the US on the course to fixing things up. The woman that processes their forms realises they're not "dims", and therefore don't belong there, but can't help them, so they have to stay in the sanctuary anyway.

Brynner (he looks bizarrely like Rick Astley. In 2024, that haircut is finally fashionable!) sets Dax up in a hotel room, while Sisko and Bashir wander through Hooversanctuary grumbling about how crappy the US is in 2024. And Sisko stops Bashir from interfering in a fight.

O'Brien thinks he's found a way to replicate the back in time transporter accident, so Kira decides they're going to send some teams into the past (YEAH! REAL GOOD IDEA! POLLUTE THE TIME LINES EVEN MORE!) to find the lost crew.

Sisko and Bashir trade their clothing for a chance to go up onto a building's roof, but on their way up, Bashir decides to take a look at an injured lad. The father tries to talk Bashir into doctoring, but he refuses. All that, and they didn't even get to the roof.

Brynner and Dax are at a cocktail party. New Zealand is mentioned. Dax learns about the sanctuary districts, and realises the other pair may have been taken there. In the sanctuary, said pair are getting into a fight, and a random helpful person is stabbed to death. Sisko and Bashir escape, but Sisko reveals that the stabbed man was Gabriel Bell. This means that he won't be around to ensure some hostages survive the upcoming drama.

O'Brien says Star Fleet has vetoed their plan to go back and find Sisko and co, but then Star Fleet disappears - history has been changed.

Sisko and Bashir return to the building where they helped the kid, and the father tells them they're organising some sort of protest. Meanwhile, Dax and Rick Astley talk about the ongoing search to find the pair in the sanctuary. Back in the sanctuary, a riot is in danger of starting, as one of the "ghosts" has taken everyone at the processing centre hostage. Sisko grabs a shotgun and goes in to announce himself as Gabriel Bell.

To be continued!

Tags: deep space 9

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