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Millennial Rites - abates — LiveJournal
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2008-04-08 23:22
Subject: Millennial Rites
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Tags:doctor who
loves_them_all is doing a month where each day someone has volunteered to post about a particular companion, and today's Mel's turn. On the first Mel post I mentioned Millennial Rites, and the fact that it's now out of print.

Now, being that Who Killed Kennedy is already up as an ebook on NZDWFC site, and that I also have a Mel site, I realised that it would be cool to put Millennial Rites up.

Then I remembered that the author is sadly no longer with us. Damn.
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User: ravenevermore
Date: 2008-04-08 11:53 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Every so often, I find myself thinking of going to the Tav, and people I might see, and I think of Craig, and I remember, and I get sad. I only met him a few times outside of all things fannish, and I know many others knew him better than I... But dear gods I miss him.
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Alden Bates
User: abates
Date: 2008-04-08 12:25 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
So sad. :(
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