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DS9: Life Support

Life Support: Bareil is injured and dying amid attempts to form a Bajoran/Cardassian peace treaty.

*sings* Jake's got a girlfriend!

Meanwhile, Odo, Bashir and O'Brien converge on an incoming Bajoran ship which has suffered an accident - Vedek Bareil was on board and is injured. Kai "Made of Fail" Winn was also on board. Joyous.

Winn thinks the transport may have been sabotaged - She and Bareil were on a secret mission to negotiate peace with Cardassia. Bashir breaks it to Kira that Bareil's treatment was unsuccessful and he's karked it. They begin the autopsy, but Bashir detects nerve activity and comes up with an idea. Surprisingly, this actually works, and Bareil comes back from the dead. Sisko is quite impressed. Winn says they have to resume negotiations and wants to invite the Cardassians there, with Bareil advising from bed.

Jake breaks it to Nog that he's blowing him off for a woman. Nog is not all that unhappy and invites himself along on the date. Spot the B plot which is not even referred to on the episode page.

Bashir says Bareil is having bloodflow issues, and needs to be put into status until a solution can be found. Bareil finds this unacceptable, and Bashir says there's an experimental drug which could fix the blood blow problem, but it's possible, even likely, he'll die. They opt to go for the treatment, as Bareil's keen to continue negotiations.

The negotiation starts with Legate Turrel, Sisko and Winn discussing possible reparations. Turrel says they'll pay for destroyed Bajoran property, so long as the Bajorans return all Cardassian equipment left behind. Er, wouldn't that include the station?? Winn complains to Sisko that she needs Bareil's help.

Jake and Nog go on their date, but Nog makes an arse of himself and their dates storm out. The pair likewise fight and storm out.

Winn tries to talk to Bareil, but the latter is having trouble. Bashir tells her to get lost, and breaks it to Bareil and Kira that Bareil's organs are failing. Bareil turns down the offer of status again, and insists Bashir keep him alive during the negotiations.


Bashir tells Winn that they replaced all Bareil's organs, and asks her to tell him that he's no longer needed for the negotiations, so that he'll go into stasis. She refuses. He calls her a coward.

Jake grumbles to his dad, who says he should make up with Nog.

Bareil takes a turn for the worse, and Bashir blames the Kai. Sisko calls a meeting - Bareil isn't going to regain consciousness unless they do something drastic. The solution is positronic implants in his brain, something which Bashir isn't keen on.

Jake asks Odo to arrest him and Nog and stick them in the same cell. There's a plan that's sure to work!

Bareil comes around with the aid of the implants, but seems somewhat vague. Winn asks him about the negotiations anyway.

Nog figures out that it was Jake's idea to lock them up. He's smarter than he looks. The pair make up, and agree not to double date again.

Turrel signs the peace treaty, which pisses off some Bajorans, but screw 'em. There's a party, though Bashir is a little depressed. Quark announces he's named a chocolate souffle after Kai Winn. That's just precious.

Bashir, Kira and Winn are called to the infirmary, where Bareil is going steadily downhill. Though Kira demands that Bashir replaces the rest of his brain(!), he refuses. No robot brains! Kira tearfully stays with Bareil while he dies.
Tags: deep space 9

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