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DS9: Destiny

I have an ache in my left elbow. WTF? Old age?

Dear TVNZ: shame on you for putting Smallville back on at 11pm on Friday night without any fanfare. I almost missed it!

Teh internets are up and down - Telecom guy rang today and said he was starting a test on our line (which will take two days to complete!) which should tell them where the problem lies. He's going to ring back on Tuesday night.

Destiny: A Bajoran prophesy says that some Cardassian scientists visiting the station may spell CERTAIN DOOM!

Some Cardassian scientists are coming to the station to visit. Odo's worried that there might be some terrorist activity from the Bajorans. Quark already knows everything about the visiting scientists and has pulled some Cardassian alcohol out of storage. "That's the 35th rule." "Oh, what's the 34th?" That's the one about porn. :P Quark hints he might be setting up vole fights, and Odo and Sisko tell him not to. Dax informs him the alcohol has gone bad.

A Vedek Yarka arrives to inform Sisko that the Prophets don't approve of the Cardassians coming to the station. Yay! Go blow up a school, dude.

Oh, hey, Tracy Scoggins is in this episode. Yarka says it's been prophesied that the Cardassians will destroy the wormhole. Kira points out that the prophesy says there are supposed to be three "vipers", and there are only two Cardassians coming. Sisko points out Kai Lose and the Bajoran assembly know of the prophesy and are still keen to go ahead with the whole thing. Yarka isn't convinced, but says he and his followers will hang around on the station to blow up schoolsto keep an eye on things.

The two Cardassians, Ulani and Gilora, arrive aboard. Scoggins sounds somewhat British as Gilora. Ulani mentions that another Cardassian scientist is on the way. Kira points out this means there will, in fact, be three "vipers". Bloody prophesy.

Odo informs Sisko that Yarka was stripped of his Vedek title a couple of months ago for protesting the Cardassian peace treaty. Yarka, meanwhile, hassles Kira about convincing Sisko to shut down the experiments.

Dejar arrives on the station and joins her two colleagues. Quark presents them with some Cardassian food, which Ulani and Gilora turn their noses up at. Frankly, given the source, I'm not surprised. Gilora is not impressed with O'Brien's modifications to the stations wiring, and sends him to get tea.

Sisko takes the Defiant through the wormhole, to deploy the relay at the other end, and Dax reports a rogue comet in sensor range, which Kira decides is the sword of stars from the prophesy. Sisko tells her to lay off the prophesy. She points out that the aliens in the wormhole exist outside time, and it's entirely possible that they communicated detail of the future to the ancient Bajoran prophet.

Couldn't they just put off doing the experiment until the comet's gone past?

Back on the station, O'Brien and Gilora are still having problems, and Gilora says in her experience men don't make good engineers.

The Defiant tries to send a carrier wave through the wormhole, and something goes wrong, with the wormhole going wild. Dax reports that the comet's course has changed, and it will now travel into the wormhole, which will cause the wormhole to collapse. Bloody prophesy.

Sisko takes the ship back to the station, and calls a discussion. O'Brien thinks he can modify the Defiant's phasers to vapourise the comet. Gilora helps him, and also comes onto him as she believes that his arguing with her was an overture to him being interested in her.

Dax finds Sisko checking up on the prophesies concerning the Emissary, and she suggests that he might want to make his own decisions.

They take the Defiant through and attempt to destroy the comet, and O'Brien's modifications fail and the weapons systems go down. They boned now! O'Brien checks out the problem, and it's revealed that Dejar is a member of the Obsidian Order, and probably sabotaged the phasers. They lock Dejar up, and work on a way to solve the comet problem. The plan is to use a shuttle to generate a warp field around the comet fragments and stop them from interacting with the wormhole.

With the subspace field in place, the comet fragments enter the wormhole. Fortunately they get all the way through without too much incident. O'Brien reports that the wormhole now has a small path permanently wedged open so they can communicate through it. Kira realises that the three vipers were the three chunks of comet, and the prophesy has all come true.

O'Brien says goodbye to Gilora, and Sisko chats with Yarka about prophesies concerning the Emissary. Coming soon on DS9: Sisko faces a fiery trial!
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