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I dug out my passport and suchlike. I also took a stock of what US currency I have. I have $12 which was left over from last time, which is grand. I also stumbled on a $50(!) travelers cheque which I bought in 1998 for Visions and never cashed. Bonus! I'll take that in to the travel agents tomorrow and make sure it is still valid.

I also looked through the paperwork my travel agent gave me. One of the pieces was a checklist of stuff. On one side of this piece of paper there is a section titled "SECURITY".

The third item in SECURITY is:
(iii) Do you have to take all the "family jewels"?

Normally I would give them the benefit of the doubt, but seeing as they've gone out of their way to put quotation marks around it, I'm going to say "huh?!"

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