Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

My Day in Bullet Points

  • Telecom sent a technician around to try to work out why our internet connection is so crappy, and found that as well as connecting to the house, it continued along the street, which it wasn't supposed to do, so he cut the cable.  Suspect this means Telecom will be getting calls from out neighbours asking why their phones suddenly aren't working.
  • Listening to Classic Hits on the way home, the DJ admitted that he can't stand Doctor Who.  Am now looking for a new radio station to listen to (kidding).
  • Workmate mentioned that Doctor Who had won a Bafta for Blink, whereapon I exclaimed "So Doctor Who is best when David Tennant is barely in it? I knew it!"
  • I had a BSG related thought: Who's looking after Hera while Helo and Athena are away on their "babysitting Starbuck" jaunt?

PS: Rich-text editor, you suck.

Tags: crappy isp

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