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DS9: Distant Voices

southerndave linked to TV Tropes and I almost missed the start! D:

Prime's taken Enterprise off, and I suspect that Voyager and DS9 will both disappear at the end of the current seasons. Possibly. But seeing as Worf is on the advert bumpers, and he doesn't turn up until season 4... ah, who knows?

Distant Voices: Bashir is attacked and awakes to find the station deserted.

Wasn't this the name of a Beast Wars episode? Bashir and Garak are having a meal together, and it's nearly Bashir's birthday. Garak gives him a holosuite program - a Cardassian mystery. Apparently they're not very fun because the main suspect always turns out to be guilty. Bashir is also depressed because he's turning 30. Quark has a friend who wants to buy bio-mimetic gel, which Bashir points out is illegal. Then Bashir catches Quark's friend nicking stuff from the infirmary, and gets head-zapped.

He comes around after a brief credit sequence, and attempts unsuccessfully to locate anyone with his com badge or the computer. Cue staggering around dark and deserted station sequence. He followed the sounds of things breaking to Quark's bar, and finds the Ferengi cowering behind the bar. After jabbering about someone looking for him, Quark flees, and Bashir wanders around some more. In security, he finds Garak who says most of the station's functions are non-functional and the personnel missing. Also Bashir's hair appears to be turning grey. They split up to search the station.

Bashir, now sporting Reed Richard's hair, flees from some Trek monster into a turbolift. Just as he thinks he's escaped, something starts banging on the roof, and he has to escape again. He then encounters Odo, O'Brien, Kira and Dax whi fail to notice Bashir's impending age, and argue over what to do over the intruder. He tries to organise them to do something sensible, so they set about repairing the station's sensors. Unfortunately the only workable system is the communications system.

Once they get the communications working, they hear Sisko's voice, including their own, saying that Bashir's in a telepathic coma. He scans himself and realises that he's only emitting delta waves - he is in a coma.

Funny, he doesn't look like John Simm.

Kira scoffs, and Bashir points out that the quartet don't show up on the tricorder as life signs. O'Brien proclaims it broken, but Bashir persists and says that they represent aspects of his mind, with the station as his mind, and the Lethian creature representing the damage.

On cue, the Lethian turns up and drags off Dax, and Bashir finds himself playing tennis with Garak. He heads for Ops, and finds a corridor littered with injured extras, who Sisko is tending to. Bashir asks him to come to ops, and the Lethian promptly drags him through a wall. Bashir flees, and runs right into the Lethian, who turns out to be immune to phasers.

Bashir further finds Kira dead and Odo dying in a corridor, and continues heading for ops. Then he runs into O'Brien cowering in a conduit. The pair find themselves back on the Promenade, and Bashir spots a computer readout showing he's dying. In Quarks, they find the proprietor taking bets on how long it'll take him to die. Fortunately the Lethian turns up and kills Quark. Bashir falls while fleeing and, as Garak attempts to help him up, realises he's broken his leg.

With Garak's help, Bashir reaches Ops, which is done up with ballons and streamers ro celebrate his birthday, complete with... well, she's not a stripper. I think she's one of the Dabo girls. Bashir, who now looks 100 or so, sets about trying to find the computer controls. Hrm, Siddig's really overdoing the "I'm old" acting. Finally he realises that Garak is actually the Lethian. Fortunately Lethian actually turns out to be a psychiatrist, and helps Bashir comes to terms with his feelings. Bashir staggers off to the Infirmary, which he's realised is the real place he needs to be, and slaps the Lethian in a quarantine field and sterilises it.

Bashir wakes up in the real Infirmary, and later chats with Garak - the Lethian had been arrested by Odo, and apparently Lethian telepathic attacks are usually lethal.
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