Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Improbable Cause

Improbable Cause: Someone's out to kill Garak

Wait, what happened to "Through the Looking Glass"??

Bashir and Garak are arguing over Shakespeare. Garak observes that Bashir is rushing through his meal and it seems to be common among humans. Kira is preparing quarters for some aliens, and suddenly there's an explosion. Funny, I didn't think anyone had set up a school on the station recently. It turns out it's Garak's shop which has exploded.

O'Brien says that a power conduit ruptured. Odo thinks it's foul play, and O'Brien finds traces of some rare unstable compound, which makes Odo even more suspicious. They debrief Garak, who ponders why anyone would want to hurt a simple tailor, and ponders why no one believe him even when he's telling the truth. Bashir tells him the story of the boy who cried wolf, and Garak thinks the moral is that you should never tell the same lie twice. Heh.

Odo has Garak look at the passenger lists for the visiting spaceships. What if the assassin was travelling under a fake name? O'Brien reports he's found traces of organic material in the remains of Garak's shop, which says it's likely to be from a detonator for targeting Cardassians, and is favoured by Flaxians.

They round up the Flaxian who came aboard that morning. He's Retaya, a trader. Odo questions him, and observes that the trader's perfumes can be mixed to create a lethal compound. They let Retaya go, and Odo and Garak follow him in a runabout. The Flaxian's ship explodes right when it's about to go into warp. I think that's what's known as a "dead end".

O'Brien says that it wasn't an accident, and the evidence points to Romulans. Sisko contacts the Romulans, who admit that they blew up the Flaxian's ship - because of his crimes committed against the Romulan empire. Sisko and Odo don't believe much of the Romulan story, and speculate on Garak's backstory. Odo meets with a Cardassian contact, who says that the Romulans are indeed responsible for the attempt on Garak's life, but that the Romulans also appear to be organising their forces for a war. Also, another five Cardassian operatives were killed the day before as well.

Garak is quite surprised by the list of dead operatives, but says he's quite happy at their deaths. Odo accuses him of blowing up his own shop - the assassin was a poisoner and wouldn't have set a bomb. Garak says he and the other five were associates of the head of the Obsidian order, Enabran Tain. They try to contact Tain, and find he's disappeared. The pair set out to find Tain, and discuss Garak's relationship with Tain. As they search, a Romulan warbird decloaks and they're both taken on board, where they find Tain, who is behind the recent assassinations. Dun, as the expression goes, dun duuuuuuuun.

Tain reveals that they're planning a first strike on the Dominion and wipe out the Founders. He's also amused that Garak blew up his own shop, and says Garak can either join him, or is free to go. Odo points out Tain is the one who exiled Garak and tried to have him killed, but Garak decides to join with Tain. TO BE CONTINUED!
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