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DS9: Through the Looking Glass - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2008-06-01 12:39
Subject: DS9: Through the Looking Glass
Security: Public
Tags:deep space 9
Oh, hai, we mixed the tapes up! Sry. According to the official listings sent out by Prime, this episode was supposed to be played last week...

Through the Looking Glass: Sisko nips over to the Mirror universe to help out the rebellion.

Odo says he found voles in Quark's store-room. Being numbered. So they could have vole fights. Vole fights? Voles are vicious? Sisko meets O'Brien in ops - only O'Brien pulls a gun, and abducts Sisko via transporter.

Sisko overpowers him and takes his gun. They're in the mirror universe, and O'Brien says they're started a resistance against the Cardassian/Klingon alliance. MirrorSisko got killed, and O'Brien wants Sisko to take his place on a mission. A scientist has found a way to locate the rebel bases in the badlands and MirrorSisko thought he could talk her out of it - said scientist is Jennifer Sisko.

On MirrorDS9, Kira tells Jennifer that her husband is dead, and once she completes the sensor array, they'll be able to track down and stop the rest of the rebels.

Sisko and O'Brien reach the rebel base. Oh, hai Tuvok! In Mirrorverse, Quark is dead, proving it's not all bad. The rebels are discussing blowing up Terok Nor when Sisko arrives, much to the rebel's surprise. Also MirrorDax is Sisko's mistress (you'd think O'Brien might have thought to mention that) and has short hair. And then there was sexings.

On Terok Nor, Kira doesn't approve of how Garak is running the refinery, and suggests random worker executions would keep productivity up. Garak observes she's been somewhat tense since Sisko died.

Dax thinks the rebellion is doomed, and she and Sisko should leg it in a ship. Sisko says he thinks he can stop Jennifer. He calls a meeting to discuss getting Jennifer off Terok Nor, and ends up punching out Bashir.

Wait, if O'Brien can snatch Sisko off DS9 in the space of a pre-credits teaser, why can't they do the same to get Jennifer off Terok Nor?

Oh, also, Rom is a double agent, and reports back to Kira and Garak that Sisko is still alive. Rom, you bastard!

Sisko and O'Brien are intercepted by a Klingon ship, and taken back to Terok Nor, where Sisko greets Kira by snogging her. MirrorSisko was obviously a slut. Sisko is taken to Kira's quarters where he tries to get her interested in keeping him alive. Later on, Sisko meets with Jennifer, who's someone sceptical when he tells her he's there to rescue her.

Sisko talks to her about their relationship and the sensor array she's working on. The huge badge Jennifer has with the Americas drawn on it is really distracting. WTF is it supposed to be? Sisko sends a mesasge via subdermal implant to O'Brien, and they set about making their escape. O'Brien brings the slaves from the refinery along. When they reach the airlock, they find Rom pinned to it by a knife through his rib cage. I thought the Ferengi heart was located in the wallet.

Pursued by Kira and her guards, the rebels make their way back to the ore refinery. When Kira and co catch up, Sisko informs her that he's activated the station's self-destruct code. He'll give them the new access code when he and his friends are safely away from the station.

Back at the rebel base, Jennifer reveals she's worked out that Sisko isn't her husband. Er, why doesn't he take her home with him? Sure, it'd be difficult to explain, and she's not his Jennifer, but they seem to be hitting it off...
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