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DS9: The Die Is Cast

The Die Is Cast: Some Cardassians and Romulans set off to attack the Founder homeworld.

Last time on DS9, Prime played the wrong tape! But no matter... Um, Garak blew up his own shop, then Odo and Garak ended up tracking down Garak's old mentor to announced he was going to help the Romulans mount a first strike on the Dominion.

Back on DS9, O'Brien is stuffing his face while Bashir whitters on about modern theatre. Evidently Bashir is missing Garak, but O'Brien's not a huge lunchtime talker. While O'Brien is assuring Bashir that Garak and Odo are probably all right because no one's found any wreckage, O'Brien's called to ops because there's a fleet of Romulan and Cardassian ships decloaking outside. Fortunately the fleet pretty much ignores the station and sods off through the wormhole. That would be that first strike then. Sisko decides he should probably mention this to Star Fleet command.

Garak and Tain schmooze over drinks, reminiscing over the old times. Garak intends to make up a list of people he'd like eliminated for later. Colonel Lovok informs Garak that he should keep off the bridge or they might have to kill him. Also, oh, this is a lot of exposition. Tain wants Garak to get Odo to tell them more about the Founders.

Odo complains that he feels a bit like he's in a prison cell. Fancy. They debate whether Garak feels remorse or something, and Odo suggests that Garak might be rash in trusting Tain.

On DS9, the command crew are watching an intercepted communication from Tain re the first strike, but both Romulan and Cardassian governments are denying they have anything to do with the strike force. Admiral Toddman tells them they should evacuate the station of non-essential personnel, and says they shouldn't try to rescue Odo. After the call, Sisko says he's going anyway, and says anyone who wants can volunteer to go.

Of course, this means pretty much everyone volunteers. As they get ready to leave, there's another transmission from Star Fleet, but Sisko promptly ignores it and they set off for the Founder's homeworld.

Tain and his pals discuss the plan to attack the Founder's homeworld, but they don't know what defences the planet might have. Tain notes that Garak doesn't seem keen on interrogating Odo, and says they have a device to eliminate the problem of Odo's shapeshifting.

The Defiant abruptly decloaks - there's something wrong with the cloaking device! The framing of shots strongly suggests that Eddington is responsible. Subtlety, thy name is Trek. Eddington owns up that he sabotaged it under Toddman's orders. Sisko gives O'Brien two hours to fix the cloaking device. Eddington promises that he'll be good, and Sisko doesn't slap him in the brig. Eesh.

Garak takes in the anti-shapeshifter device, and Odo finds he can't shapeshift any more. Children, torture is actually the worst way to extract information from a prisoner. Odo starts getting flaky, and admits he'd quite like to return to his people. Garak turns off the device, and Odo flows into a sort of dog dish thing.

Meanwhile, O'Brien's fixed the cloak, and the Defiant continues on its voyage.

Tain says since they didn't get any more info out of Odo, they should kill him, but Lovok wants to take him back to Romulus for study. Lovok observes that Garak seems to be determined to keep Odo alive.

The fleet finally reaches the Founder's Homeworld and bombard the planet. The Romulans are puzzled that there is no change in the life form readings - Garak realises that it's a fake signal. Some 150 Gem Hadar ships promptly appear out of a nebula. Whups. Cue huge-arse space battle, which doesn't go well for the Romulans and Cardassians. Garak rescues Odo and Lovok hands them an access device - he's actually a changeling. Odo heads for the runabout, while Garak goes back for Tain. Tain is not interested in leaving the bridge, and Garak is promptly decked by Odo, who's come back for him. Runabout exits, stage left, under fire from the Gem Hadar.

Fortunately, at this point the Defiant turns up and picks them up, then takes out a bunch of Jem Hadar ships before legging it back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Eddington says he's not going to charge anyone over the incident, but don't do it again. Garak picks over the remains of his shop, as Odo thanks him for not mentioning his admissions under torture, and invites him for breakfast sometime.
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