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DS9: Explorers

Wow, Rusty has an OBE!

Does that mean I'm not allowed to bag on his scripts any more? :)

Explorers: Sisko builds a space sail ship to try to replicate the voyage of some ancient Bajorans.

Quark's bar - a Dabo girl named Leeta approaches Bashir and feigns a cough really badly. Dax attempts a cock-block and Bashir tells her to "Go away" via notepad, then Dax mentions the Lexington's going to visit the station. One of the crew members is the woman who got a higher score than him in medical school.

Meanwhile, Sisko has grown a beard of evil. That was quick! He shows Jake plans for a solar sailship which he's going to build. Evidently there's not much to do on DS9. O'Brien is sceptical that the thing is spaceworthy, let along ancient Bajorans could have made it to Cardassia. He and Kira argue over it, and he asks why bother going to all the trouble of building that, when a computer model could prove it spaceworthy. "Because it'll be fun."

There really is not a lot to do aboard that station, huh?

Surely a solar-powered vessel wouldn't be able to make interstellar travel in less than decades? I mean, you'd never get anywhere near light-speed, so a trip of a few years, as O'Brien suggests, is totally unrealistic.

Sisko tries to invite Jake along on his sailing trip, but Jake said his girlfriend is coming to visit.

Dax admires Sisko's handiwork and compares it to the nursery Sisko made for Jake when he was born. Sisko laments that Jake doesn't want to come with him.

Jake gets an email from Wellington, NZ. Yay! Name check! Looks like his girlfriend isn't coming after all, as he tells Sisko he's coming along on his star voyage.

Dax catches Bashir brushing up on his medical knowledge, because the impending doctor was very competitive at school. Hi, B plot!

Dukat contacts Sisko and says the planned trip seems very dangerous to him. Sisko and Jake set out on their sailing trip regardless. It's a very... brown spaceship. Jake is confused by the indoor plumbing, and is unimpressed by the zero-G rations. Also, he's writing a story.

Odo informs Bashir that his doctor friend has arrived and is in Quark's. Bashir therefore goes there and hangs out with O'Brien while working up the courage to go talk to her. Quark is betting with Morn re how far Bashir will get with her, but she leaves the bar before Bashir gets up the courage. EXCITING!

Sisko's impressed with Jake's story and thinks he should write more. He says the communication from NZ was from a school who's offering him a scholarship. Fortunately this HIGHLY EXCITING discussion is interrupted by one of the sails collapsing. They frantically detach it, and Sisko laments that they might not get very far without it. Jake gives him a pep talk and they continue on.

Meanwhile, in the B plot, drunken carousing! Bashir suggests they go to Quark's and serenade everyone, and them complains that his old school chum walked right past him without recognising him. O'Brien announces people either love or hate Bashir - he used to hate Bashir when they first met, which leads to a slashy conversation about his current feelings. Wow, that almost goes beyond subtext. Drunken carousing resumes.

Back to the A plot! They get the hammocks ready. "Hammock time!" "Yo!" What?! an MC Hammer ref?? Jake has problems with the hammock, and then they discuss his plans. Sisko says when he started in Starfleet academy, he started off beaming home each night for dinner. Jake confesses he's worried about Sisko getting lonely without him. And points out it's over a year since Sisko's had a date. And tries to set him up with someone. Then they hit turbulence and somehow end up going at warp.

Sisko works out that they must have been caught in a tachyon eddy. They attempt to work out where they've ended up, but a vital instrument is broken. Reluctantly, they try to contact the station, and get no response.

In the B plot, Bashir summons the courage to talk to his doctor friend, only to find out she thought he was Andorian. It turns out the Lexington's missions are entirely boring and she envies his posting on DS9. They get along famously, and Quark cheerfully collects on his bet with Morn.

Back on the USS We Are So Boned, Sisko asks Jake about the woman he's being set up with. And Jake said he's going to wait another year before going off to university so he can get more experience. Also some Cardassian ships have turned up - Dukat congratulates them on making it to Cardassian space. The Cardassians reluctantly admit it was possible for the ancient Bajorans to have made the trip, and put on a fireworks show.
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