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DS9: Shakaar

Shakaar: Kai Winn asks Kira to talk one of her old terrorist cell buddies to give back some farming equipment.

Sisko and O'Brien are playing darts. Luckily the slaughter is interrupted by Sisko being called away. Sisko passes on the news that the head of the provisional government has died, and is going to be replaced by Kai "batshit" Winn. Bajor, you really do dig your own grave.

Later on, after the title sequence, Odo is going over station status with Kira, who starts venting over Kai Winn's appointment. Odo points out the whole problem with democracy, is sometimes people make the wrong choice. *checks* hmm, this was screened in 1995... Kai Winn drops by to visit Kira, who points out that she never mentions Bariel re the recent treaty negotiations with Cardassia. Winn says that they've fixed up some farmland polluted by the Cardassians, but the farmers are refusing to return the machinery, and they're being lead by Shakaar, who used to lead Kira's terrorist cell. No mention is made of whether his first name is "Boom". Winn wants Kira to go have a talk. Tell her to go take a running jump, Kira!

Kira beams down, and tramples all over the fields. Wow, those crops are really springing up. Not. She soon runs into Boom, who invites her in so they can catch up on old times. She's surprised that her fellow terrorist cell members have become farmers.

Back on DS9, O'Brien is beating Dax at darts. Quark is organising gambling, so O'Brien leaves, but Quark trails along and tries to persuade him to come back tomorrow for some more games, as he's offering 10/1 odds. O'Brien suggests 15/1 odds. Apparently Quark isn't savvy enough to realise O'Brien is probably going to throw the match just to piss him off.

Kira and her old cell buddies booze it up. One of them lost an arm rescuing the others from the Cardassians. They're not giving up the reclamators, incidentally. Kira tries to talk Boom out of keeping them, so the government can give them to another place to grow export products. Boom points out they need the reclamators to grow food to eat. Gee, how selfish.

Kira sorts out a meeting between Winn and Boom, and returns to talk with Boom. Two police arrive to arrest Boom, but Kira helps him beat the tar out of them, and the pair go into hiding along with the other two cell members.

Back on DS9, O'Brien fakes a shoulder injury as Quark hands him a drink, and his Vulcan opponent insists that this means that O'Brien forfeits. Quark is stunned.

Winn meets with Sisko to complain that Kira and her pals have eluded them. Also, she's declared martial law, because Boom is gaining support all over Bajor. She says she'll withdraw the troops if the Federation takes their place. Sisko says "Sorry, can't." much to her disappointment, and she says she'll withdraw application for membership. And Sisko tells her off for overreacting. Winn announces she'll stop Shakaar by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, the Bajoran militia is closing in on Kira and Boom, when Kira fakes a signal and the troops sod off. The renegades discuss what to do, and decide to set up a trap in a canyon. The militia waltz right in, but Kira starts recognising people, and they realise they can't start firing on fellow Bajorans. Boom and Kira meet with the militia and, after a tense discussion, negotiate a cease fire.

The leader takes Boom and Kira back to the capital to meet with Winn, and Shakaar announces he's going to run against Winn as candidate for leader of the provisional government. And the whole incident is likely to come out.

Back on DS9, O'Brien tries out his "new" shoulder and strikes out with darts. Of course, then Bashir promptly hits a bullseye, and Quark gets excited again. Kira tells Sisko that Kai Winn dropped out of the election. HA!
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