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DS9: Facets

It's so damn cold here there is snow on the hills. That doesn't happen here that often. Am inside, with the heater on.

Facets: AKA The Eight Daxes.

Nog is practicing flying runabouts on the holodeck when Jake interrupts him - Nog's working on his reflexes so he can get into the screening program to get into Star Fleet academy. Quark tells him he should aim to do something more profitable. Stop perpetuating the stereotype, dude.

The senior staff, along with Leeta and Quark, are called with a meeting where Dax asks them to take place in the zhian'tara ritual, where her previous selfs possess their bodies so she can chat with them. Everyone agrees, except Quark. At least until Dax masturbates his ears for him.

Back in the B plot, O'Brien gives Nog some tips, and gives him at test as operations officer of a station.

Lela, Dax's first host, takes possession of Kira and makes her talk funny. Dax observes she got the habit of holding her hands behind her back from Lela. O'Brien, Leeta and Quark get brief segments. Quark being the series' comedy relief gets to host a female personality and coo a lot. Bashir seems to be affecting a bad Southern US accent. Sisko gets to host Joran, who was a bit batty and actually committed murder. They keep him behind a force field.

Hey, Prime! Why aren't you pushing the new series of Doctor Who! I mean, it's only starting tonight.

Joran is a little bit like Hannibal Lector. OK, a lot like Hannibal Lector. He tells Dax that she's not worthy of the symbiont, and then pretends to be Sisko long enough for her to drop the force field so he can attack her. Fortunately Dax wins, and Sisko regains control of his body.

In Quark's bar, Rom is pacing with worry about Nog's future. Aww, he bought Nog a cadet uniform. Quark points out if Nog gets into the academy, he'll be issued a uniform anyway.

Jadzia is worried that she's not measuring up to Dax's previous hosts, and wonders why Curzon washed her out of the initiates program. Sisko suggests asking. Shortly after, Curzon is placed in Odo's body, and he morphs a bit to look more like Curzon.

Ahhhh, there's the Doctor Who advert. Nice!

Curzon drops in to visit Sisko and reveals that he and Odo are both in control, as though they'd been joined. Sisko and OdoCurzon then nip over to Quark's bar where OdoCurzon gives Quark a good scare. After Dax arrives, Sisko leaves them to it. OdoCurzon is more interested in gambling than chatting to Jadzia though. Finally she asks him why he didn't object when she was reinstated into the programme, and he says he felt sorry for her. Jadzia's afraid that when Curzon's memories are restored to her, she won't respect herself. OdoCurzon says she doesn't have to worry about it - they've decided they like being joined together and are going to stay like that.

Of course, this is Star Trek, so we know there's no way they'd make a lasting change like this to the main cast.

Except that time in TNG where they killed off Tasha Yar. And when they traded Kes for Seven on Voyager. Er...

The Guardian says that they can't extract Curzon from Odo if Odo doesn't want him to leave. Dax seems apathetic, so Sisko talks some backbone into her.

Rom confronts Quark, and accuses him of sabotaging Nog's test so he'd fail. Fortunately Sisko is going to let Nog retake the test.

Dax talks OdoCurzon, who admits that he was in love with Jadzia, which was why he kicked her out of the initiate program, then let her back in because he felt guilty. OK, this is getting into slightly ick territory. New meaning to the phrase "self love", hmm?

Nog passes his test, and gets a round of applause. Quark is very unhappy. Odo, now back to his old self, apologises to Dax for what happened when he was merged with Curzon, but she's OK with it.
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