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DS9: Hippocratic Oath

Hippocratic Oath: Bashir and O'Brien, who seem to end up in plots together a suspicious number of times, get captured by Jem Hadar.

(The Visitor is being played next week, which is production order rather than original screening order)

Worf's in Quark's bar eying up another customer who's a criminal, and is interrupted by Quark talking to him loudly. Then Kira turns up, and Worf questions why Odo doesn't keep Quark in the brig.

Meanwhile, O'Brien and Bashir are on their way back to the station in a runabout. O'Brien is complaining about how his wife which leads to a vaguely subtextual Bashir/O'Brien moment. Then they detect a distress signal and end up going through a plasma field causing them to go down. Hrm, you'd think they'd be thrown around quite a lot more by hitting a planet like that. Bashir immediately starts grousing about the landing spot, but is interrupted by some Jem Hadar, who take them prisoner.

Worf takes his concerns about Quark to Sisko, and Sisko tells him Odo has it under control and to relax a bit. Like that will ever happen.

The Jem Hadar tell Bashir that they want him to get rid of their addiction to Ketracel-white, the drug which all Jem Hadar are genetically addicted to. They're trying to defect from the Dominion. The lead Jem Hadar, Goran'Agar, is already KW free, having crashed there a while back and run out of the drug. Unfortunately his defecting crewmates, whom he brought there to get rid of the addiction, don't seem to be doing as well.

Dax reports that the Klingons are attacking star systems along their borders. After the meeting, Worf has a word with Odo about Quark, who says he'll take care of it, and Worf should go back to his quarters and prise the stick out of his arse. OK, not that last bit.

Bashir and O'Brien work on an escape attempt under cover of helping the Jem Hadar. Sadly this does not involve building an iron suit with flamethrowers and rocket boots. And the Jem Hadar discover it anyway. O'Brien's chucked back in the holding cell.

Back on the station, Worf spies on the meeting Quark is having with the criminal customer. Annoyed that Odo isn't there as well, he goes to security and tells Odo he should be arresting Quark. Odo tells him to sod off.

Bashir tests Goran'Agar and finds that his body is manufacturing Ketracel-white, but can't work out from where ($5 says he's sneaking injections on the sly and isn't off the stuff at all). Goran'Agar admits he's never seen a Founder. Later, Bashir tells O'Brien that Goran'Agar appears to be developing his own moral code, but O'Brien is skeptical and thinks its all an act. They have an argument over whether Bashir should be helping them or not. Finally Bashir asserts his superior rank and orders O'Brien to do the work. Their love is so hostile!

O'Brien returns to the Runabout with an escort, and manages to activate the transporter on the sly, beaming himself into the jungle. Bashir is having little luck working out why Goran'Agar is off the drug, and speculates that Goran'Agar has a natural immunity to the drug before he went off it. They start a search for O'Brien.

Holy shit, this is Evolution of the Daleks. Goran'Agar = Sec, the Jem Hadar who thinks differently from his pals; Bashir = The Doctor, who's helping them try to alter themselves. I guess that makes O'Brien Martha.

Back on DS9, Worf interrupts Quark's meeting, and finds he's ruined an undercover sting which Quark is helping Odo with. *golf clap*

O'Brien attempts to rescue Bashir, but the doctor says he's not going. They argue again, and O'Brien settles it by shooting the crap out of Bashir's equipment. Unfortunately they're promptly captured by a Jem Hadar before they can get 6 feet. Goran'Agar interrupts them, shooting the Jem Hadar and saying that the pair can go, before running off into the jungle.

On DS9, Worf reports to Sisko to admit his part in messing up the investigation. Sisko goodnaturedly tells him he has to get used to the station's informal rules.

And then there's one last scene on the runabout as Bashir and O'Brien discuss whether O'Brien was right to disobey orders and stuff.
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