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DS9: Indiscretion

Indiscretion: Kira and Dukat set out to find a lost Cardassian ship.

Kira get a call from Razka Karn, who says he's picked up a piece of the Ravinok, a lost ship, but can't bring it to DS9 because the Tholians are after him. Kira agrees to rendezvous to take a look.

Later on, Kira and Odo go over the security logs, and Odo observes she's distracted. The Ravinok disappeared 6 years ago, apparently. Odo wishes her good luck. Sisko asks her to postpone it, because the Cardassians want to send someone to go with here - the Ravinok was a Cardassian ship carrying Bajoran prisoners. Though Kira's unhappy, she agrees.

Dax and Sisko speculate how Sisko's relationship with Kasidy Yates is going, and whether she's looking to become serious. They're interrupted by Kasidy, who tells Sisko that she's applied for a position running freight for the Bajorans, and will be around a lot more. "Looks like she's serious," Dax comments. I think Sisko's starting to look a bit scared. This scene was just to convey the passage of time anyway.

Dukat turns out to be the Cardassian sent to accompany Kira, who looks surprised and shocked. Who the hell did she think they were going to send? Joe Nobody? The pair set out. Dukat asks who was on the ship who Kira's interested in - it's the bloke who recruited her into the Bajoran resistance. He also suggests that the Cardassian occupation was responsible for Bajor's current position in the galactic order of things. Finally she tells him to shut up and, surprisingly, he does.

Sisko and Kasidy have dinner and she observes that he doesn't seem exactly enthusiastic about her living on the station, which turns into an argument, and she storms out. Wow.

Kira and Dukat meet up with Razka and look at the piece of spaceship he's found - it's from the Ravinok all right. The pair go on to the Dozaria system, where the fragment was found and land on a class-M planet. It's a bit of a desert. They find the remains of the Ravinok...

Oooo, the Silence in the Library trailer is scary.

Back on DS9, Bashir and Dax conduct a post-mortem of the dinner, and suggest courses of action for Sisko to take. Quark pops up to offer his opinion, after all "Who knows more about women than me?" "Everyone," interjects Bashir. Yeah, pretty much. Quark says women are the enemy, and you should always keep the upperhand. Bashir observes it's a miracle the Ferengi reproduce at all.

Meanwhile, Kira and Dukat find some graves, and there's a discussion of relative funeral rites. Unfortunately, one of them turns out to be Dukat's Bajoran mistress. Kira says she got the ship's logs working, and found that it was attacked by a couple of unidentified ships and shot down. They set off to track possible survivors.

That night, they camp out and Dukat sits on something spiky. Comedy moment! Kira has to pull the spike out of his arse and then he uses the dermal regenerator on it. Oh dear. Dukat admits he had a daughter with his mistress, and if they find her, he will have to kill her. Parenting, the Cardassian way! Fast-forward to the next morning, and they argue over Dukat's daughter while walking. He still wants to kill her because it'd be politically expedient.

On DS9, Jake accuses Sisko of being scared of Kasidy and gives him relationship advice. Sisko looks mildly bewildered.

Dukat and Kira find some Breen using the Ravinok survivors for slave labour, and spot Dukat's daughter. They sneak in disguised as Breen and set about freeing the prisoners. Dukat finds his daughter and prepares to shoot her. Fortunately she talks him out of it. Still not sure how he's going to explain that to his wife.

Back on the station, Sisko apologises to Kasidy, who says she's taking the Bajoran job. Dukat thanks Kira and says he's taking his daughter home to Cardassia with him, and will let her know if it makes things difficult for him.
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