Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Random stuff

A local sex toy store D.VICE is doing radio advertising for Father's Day. Because nothing says "Happy Father's Day!" like a butt plug.

Last night I dreamt that calapine revealed offhandedly in a post that she's Colin Baker's daughter. Who could have known?

Torchwood Series 1 box set NZ RRP: $120. Same box set through $56.90 (Thanks go to Edwin for pointing that out).

Finally, Prime TV sends out a weekly "Highlights" document with pictures and stuff for shows they want to highlight - Doctor Who's featured for almost every episode (they skipped Poison Sky and Forest of the Dead) and each listing's included a little box saying "PRIME LOVES DOCTOR WHO". The one alongside "Turn Left" instead says "PRIME LOVES ROSE TYLER".

Tags: doctor who, torchwood

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