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DS9: Starship Down

Starship Down: The Defiant is heavily damaged and locked in a death struggle with some Jem'Hadar ships in the atmosphere of a gas giant.

Sisko's taken the Defiant into the Gamma quadrant to talk to some aliens about the trade agreement - it seems that the Ferengi have been ripping them off. On the Defiant bridge, Worf is making like a tyrant, and Kira is fasting for the celebration of the coming of the Emissary, and then incoming Jem'Hadar ships are detected.

After a brief interlude for the title credits, Sisko reaches the bridge. The Jem'Hadar ships chase the alien vessel into the atmosphere of a gas giant (not going to remark on how crap that shot looked), and the Defiant follows them in. Dax and Kira work on extending the sensors, while Worf warns that photon torpedoes will be useless, and they'll have to manually target phasers.

Quark apologises to Hanok, the alien who's remained aboard the ship, for charging him all sorts of taxes. Tsk.

They detect the alien ship, but before they can approach it, the Jem'Hadar ships attack and damage the Defiant. O'Brien works on getting some atmospheric probes converted into photon torpedoes. Also there's a hull breach and they have to deal off a deck which Dax, Bashir and some other people on. Oh noes! Dax, Bashir and some other people we don't know! Fortunately Dax's repairs have succeeded, and they start bringing the ship up.

Meanwhile, Quark tries to talk Hanok into a partnership ripping off the Federation, and gets the finger.

The Defiant detects the Jem'Hadar ships, and Sisko orders the launching of the first atmospheric probe. Unfortunately right after the probe's launched the other Jem'Hadar ship attacks. They launch another probe and destroy the second ship, but the Defiant is even more damaged. As engineering tries to contact the bridge, O'Brien suggests everyone up there is probably dead. I like him - he's so upbeat and positive!

Fortunately everyone on the bridge is not dead, otherwise it would be the end of the series. Sisko's knocked flat though, and power's completely down. Kira says Sisko has a concussion and needs a medic, not only that but if he doesn't keep awake, he may fall into a coma.

Hanok and Quark argue over how business should work. Joy!

Worf reaches engineering and resumes tyrant mode. Oh well, if it works... They get sensors working and detect incoming torpedoes. The first misses them, but the second smacks into the hull where Quark and Hanok are, and promptly fails to do anything. The pair decide to try to defuse the warhead. This can't end well.

In Engineering, Worf continues being a dick, and O'Brien has a word. Hmm, engineers don't go through Star Fleet Academy?

Bashir and Dax (who've become trapped somewhere) reach the snuggling for warmth stage. Wow.

Engineering has worked out a way to convert the deflector dish into a phaser, though it will burn the dish out after the first shot. Worf almost looks happy.

Sisko's condition worsens, and Kira gives him a stimulant. Is there no one else on the bridge? Sheesh.

Hanok admits that the torpedo was one that they sold the Jem'Hadar. Quark points out that Hanok said he didn't sell substandard merchandise, and Hanok jokes perhaps he should offer the Jem'Hadar a refund. Merriment ensues, before they realise they don't know which diode to removed to defuse the warhead - the other one will detonate it. Quark yanks one out at random. Fortunately it turns out to be the right one. Hanok seems to be getting the hang of Ferengi business practices.

Worf manages to destroy the other Jem'Hadar ship with a decoy and his phaser, and... suddenly the plot is over. They return to the station, where Quark teachs Hanok to play dabo, Worf has loosened up a bit, and Sisko invites Kira to a baseball game. Right.

Nice episode, but a bit of an abrupt ending!
Tags: deep space 9

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