Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: The Sword of Kahless

The Sword of Kahless: Kor, Worf and Dax go in search of a Klingon artifact that would unite the empire.

Kor is telling a Klingon war story in Quark's bar. Dax introduces him to Worf, who goes fanboy. Kor reveals that he's on the trail of the sword of Kahless. He has a shroud which once held the sword. Later, as Kor staggers drunkenly to his room, he's accosted by a random Trek alien who reads his mind.

The next morning, Dax finds Kor sleeping on the floor and says that she's found traces of a 1400-year-old Bat'leth on it. The Bat'leth was taken by some aliens who invaded the Klingon homeworld centuries ago and took may priceless treasures. Sisko allows the user of a runabout, and Kor, Worf and Dax set out for the Gamma quadrant.

Hang on, if the home planet of the Hurk is in the Gamma quadrant, what were they doing all the way in the Alpha quadrant invading the Klingon homeworld?

The trio explore the ruins on the Hurk home planet and find a ransacked gallery. They find another force field, beyond which they find the sword of Kahless. This always bugged me - why call it a sword if it's a Bat'leth. :P

As they attempt to leave, they're stopped by Toral from the house of Duras, and some other Klingons. Toral wants the sword so he can claim leadership of the empire. After a brief fight, the trio escape, though Worf is wounded. Kor is not impressed by the fact that Worf once had the opportunity to kill Toral as part of a rite of vengeance and declined.

Kor kills a wee beastie and they chow down. Worf is unimpressed with Kor using the bat'leth as a fork, since it's supposed to be for uniting the Klingon Empire. Also, be believes that he is destined to use the sword to unite the Klingon empire.

They continue to wander around the caves, and Kor almost slips off a ledge. Kor accuses Worf of trying to kill him and Dax ends up carrying the bat'leth. Later, they decide to rest, but Kor and Worf don't trust each other enough to close their eyes. Dax sleeps with a phaser in her hand. Finally the two Klingons start to come to blows, but are interrupted by Toral and his men. Another fight ensues, though the lack of lighting makes it almost impossible to tell what's happening. Worf and Kor are triumphant, but fight over the sword of Kahless until Dax stuns them both.

Returning to the runabout, they decide to hide the sword, leaving it floating in space.
Tags: deep space 9

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