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DS9: Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost: Sisko and Odo continue to investigate the Changeling infiltration of Earth.

Last time: MARTIAL LAW!

Is that where the Martians take over?

Sisko is bugged by the ease with which the Changelings have infiltrated Earth. Odo's found something odd - Red Squad, an elite group of students, was beamed back to Star Fleet Academy shortly after the power came back on, then the students were all mobilised. Sisko talks to Star Fleet Academy, and is told to delete the log. It seems that Admiral Leyton sent Red Squad on some sort of mission.

Back in New Orleans, Sisko chats with his father and the reopened restaurant. Nog arrives, and Sisko asks if he can meet a member of Red Squad. Sisko talks to the Red Squad member, pretending to know all about the mission, and discovers that Red Squad's mission was to knock out Earth's power grid.

Sisko and Odo talk about what this could mean, and Sisko angsts at length. They go to the puffy-faced Federation president and try to convince him that Star Fleet is behind the power blackout. Sisko suggests that the President tell Leyton to withdraw the Star Fleet troops, but the President says the population would be unhappy if the troops were withdrawn, and asks them to bring him evidence.

At the restaurant, Nog reports that Red Squad appears to have disappeared, and Leyton arrives to talk with Sisko and explain his position. Sisko refuses to respect his authority, so Leyton relieves him as head of security and tells him to sod off back to DS9.

Later, as Sisko sits in the garden, O'Brien sits down next to him - it doesn't take long for Sisko to realise it's a shapeshifter. The shapeshifter admits there are only four of them on the entire planet, but says that's all it will take.

Sisko's father finds him moping at a table and gives him a pep talk. Sisko contacts Kira on DS9, and then he and Odo break into secret files and find Leyton's been reassigning his old crew to various critical points in Star Fleet, to take effect on the same day. Leyton's assistant is concerned that he's not gone back to DS9 as ordered, and he says he's taking some leave he has owing.

Sisko goes to the President again, and is intercepted by Leyton and his assistant, who takes a blood sample showing him to be a shapeshifter. OMG!

Later, Leyton visits Sisko in his cell, but won't say how he faked the blood test. Leyton intends to seize control of Earth. Funny, Sisko's the one with the beard of evil.

Later still, Odo breaks Sisko out. Kira's on her way in the Defiant, with the officer from Leyton's crew who was assigned there. Sisko confronts Leyton, who says he's sent a ship to destroy the Defiant. Hrm, and Worf's in command of the Defiant. This should be interesting. Sisko attempts to talk sense into Leyton.

The Lakota fires on the Defiant, much to the surprise of the crew, and Worf decides the best option is to fight. Biiiiiig surprise!

Sisko has moved into the rant phase. The Lakota reports that they're unable to disable the Defiant, and Leyton orders that they destroy the ship. Fortunately the Captain of the Lakota isn't insane and powers down weapons. Worf reports to Sisko that Lakota has let them past. Leyton is very annoyed, and turns in his pips.

Grandpa Sisko watches the Star Fleet troops leave, and says goodbye to his son and grandson.

Tags: deep space 9

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