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DS9: Crossfire

Crossfire: The Bajoran First Minister visits the station and is somewhat obviously interested in Kira, much to Odo's dismay.

Odo has a security briefing with Kira. This scene appears to be to remind us that Odo is actually quite interested in Kira. Quark turns up to complain about the noise from Odo's shape-shifting.

The senior staff greet First Minister Shakaar from Bajor. Shaks goes to address the gathered crowd, at which point Odo lets Sisko know he believes someone is planning to assassinate the minister. A group called "The True Way" is apparently planning to off the minister because he's working to improve the relationship with the Federation.

Worf and Odo work on security, and Worf complains about how disorderly the station is, leading to them bonding over being order freaks. They talk about not making people feel welcome if they just drop by, as it might encourage dropping by more often. Wow.

Shakaar decides unexpectedly to drop by the Bajoran temple, and Odo nervously tails him through the crowded Promenade. Later on, there's a reception, and Kira observes that Odo's staring. Shaks and Kira leave together, with Odo tailing them, watching sadly how well they're getting along. Awww, poor muffin.

Much later, Odo escorts Shaks back to his quarters, observing that the negotiations aren't going well. Shaks asks Odo if Kira's ever said anything to indicate that she might regard him as more than a friend, admitting he's falling in love with her.

Odo finds one of Quark's bugging devices in the food. Tsk. Quark observes he's particularly cranky today, and that he's in love with Kira. Odo tells him to mind his own business and storms out.

Kira turns up late to the security briefing with Odo, having enjoyed a drink with Shakaar, and then runs off to take Shakaar on a tour of the station. Odo, of course, has to tail them and watch them enjoying each other's company. On the way back down to the habitat ring, the turbolift is sabotaged and trio finds themselves in freefall. How the hell tall is the station?! They should have hit bottom by now! Odo buckles the walls and stops their descent.

Odo reports to Sisko and admits he fouled up by not asking for Worf's security code when the saboteur faked the Klingon's voice. He works on the investigation with Worf, who observes he's very distracted. He goes to Kira's quarters and finds they're under guard because Shakaar is also in there. He relieves the guards and takes over until Shakaar leaves, then goes to question Kira and finds that she's very happy that she's started a relationship with Shakaar. When she asks what he wanted to ask her, he makes an excuse and leaves. Returning to Security, he finds Worf has arrested the saboteur without Odo's help. Odo goes back to his quarters and starts smashing things.

Quark drops by and observes the mess and Odo moping. And gives him some psychology, Ferengi-style.

Later, Odo drops by Kira's quarters and lets her know that he's going to have to call off the security briefings with her. Oh, Odo.
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