Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Return to Grace

Return to Grace: Kira helps Dukat fight some Klingons.

Bashir gives Kira a bunch of injections because she's going off to a Cardassian outpost to deliver an intelligence report. Dukat drops by, saying that since he took his half-Bajoran daughter back, he's been demoted and his wife left him. He's now running freight. *points* HA HA!

On the Cardassian freighter on the way to the outpost, Kira chats with Ziyal (Dukat's daughter). They're interrupted by a battle drill - Dukat's a bit tetchy about his new post, and invites Kira to dinner as an apology. He asks her about her blooming romance with Shakaar. Then there's another alert - the outpost they were headed for has been destroyed. A Klingon bird of prey decloaks nearby. The Klingons are unimpressed with their freighter and move off. Kira tries to talk Dukat out of firing on the ship - but the freighter's phasers aren't even able to damage the bird of prey with its shields down anyway. Dukat is very depressed.

Kira says they should go after the Klingons. Her plan is to take some of the undamaged disrupters from the destroyed outpost. Dukat is skeptical that it will work. They install a disrupter, but the test firing causes ruptured conduits on the freighter. Still, Dukat is impressed and tries to make moves on Kira.

Kira also briefs Ziyal on guns. Ziyal mentions that Dukat regards the occupation of Bajor as a mistake. Also, Kira and Dukat try to work out where the Klingons are headed next and work on a way to lure the Klingons to them.

As they wait for the Klingons to take the bait, Dukat rambles about other Cardassians. Sure enough, the Klingon ship appears and predictably, the Klingons attempt to confiscate the freighter - Kira promptly blows a couple of holes in their hull. The Klingons fire back, but Dukat and Kira board the bird of prey and beam all the Klingons onto the Cardassian freighter, and the Cardassian crew onto the bird of prey. Dukat proceeds to destroy the freighter, and is very happy at the prize they've captured.

The Cardassians set about repairing the ship, but Dukat is disappointed that the Cardassian council has decided that they're going to pursue diplomatic routes rather than strike back against the Klingons. They are reappointing Dukat as security minister, but without a war it's not much of a post. Dukat rages that if no one else will stand against the Klingons, he will. He tries to interest Kira into coming along.

Ziyal tries to show off her self-defence skills to Kira, somewhat unsuccessfully. Kira goes and turns Dukat down, and points out that the life he's proposing is not right for Ziyal, suggesting the girl return to DS9 with her.

After dropping Kira and Ziyal off on DS9, the bird of prey zooms off into the sunset.
Tags: deep space 9

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