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DS9: Bar Association

Bar Association: When Quark's rule becomes too oppressive, his staff forms a union.

The Defiant docks with DS9 and Worf is happily working out maintenance schedules.

Bashir and O'Brien are going to fight Vikings with some Irish hordes, while Quark is annoyed that a Bajoran religious holiday is interfering with his business. And Rom is having ear problems. Leeta suggests he has a lie down, but Quark says to get back to work. This leads into an argument, after which Rom passes out. Quark announces he's docking Rom's pay. What a great boss.

Bashir is annoyed that Rom didn't come to see him sooner. He confesses to Bashir that his contract doesn't allow for any sick days, vacations, etc, and Bashir suggests forming a union.

Rom returns to the bar and confesses to Leeta he's been masturbating (no, seriously, he's been rubbing his own ears). Quark announces everyone's salary is being cut by a third due to the slow business. Rom tries to get him to reconsider, which he does, and says his decision stands.

Worf and Dax catch a thief who's been stealing from his quarters. Worf complains that this sort of thing didn't happen on the Enterprise, and Odo pulls out his episode guide and quotes a few examples. HA!

Rom tries to organise Quark's staff into a union. This alarms the other Ferengi who all complain that it's against Ferengi law, but grudgingly agree.

Bashir is treating O'Brien's cyst when Rom comes for advice on running a union. Fortunately O'Brien has union people in his ancestry and gives advice, though Rom is somewhat concerned to hear that O'Brien's union man ancestor was shot during the strike.

Rom presents the union's demands to Quark and gets laughed at. Rom calls a strike, and everyone stands outside the bar paying customers to stay away. Odo's called to the bar, where Quark is trying to use holographic waiters, with limited success. Odo has orders from Sisko not to haul off the protesters.

On the Promenade, Bashir and O'Brien are playing "predict if the customer will go in", and are surprised when Worf goes in - they follow him in, and a short time later, Sisko finds all three of them in the brig. Apparently there was a strong disagreement. Sisko calls in Quark and tells him to resolve the dispute. Or else he'll demand payment for the past five year's rent, power, repairs, etc.

Quark returns to the bar and tries to bribe Rom to end the strike. Rom refuses. Go Rom! That night, Quark finds Liquidator Brunt in his bar, ready to end the strike. Brunt walks in on a union meeting and threatens them all with ruin unless they return to work the next day. Rom gives a stirring speech, and the next day they're back on the picket line.

Worf apologises to O'Brien and says he finds the station unsettling - he's going to move into quarters on the Defiant.

Quark tries to talk some sense into his brother, pointing out the FCA answers to no one and Brunt could just get rid of Rom. Back in the bar, Brunt speculates on who he might off, since offing Rom would just create a martyr. He concludes that the best one to off would be Quark. Uh oh...

Rom finds Quark in the infirmary, having been beaten up - Odo stopped him being killed entirely, unfortunately. They argue over how to resolve the strike. Quark suggests a way out of it - pretend to dissolve the union and he'll give his workers all their demands.

Worf moves into new quarters on the Defiant, and Dax presents him with her favourite Klingon operas.

Quark's bar is open again, though Rom says he's quitting to work maintenance on the station. Yeah. Anyway!
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