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DS9: Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement: Worf is on trial for destroying a civilian Klingon ship.

Didn't we just have a Worf episode last week? Eeesh.

Worf is having a dream about Klingons. Dead Klingons. And stuff. He wakes up in a cell in Security, waiting for his hearing. Aaaand that's all the explanation you get before the title sequence.

The Klingon empire is trying extradite Worf on murder charges - Ch'Pok allegeds he destroyed a Klingon transport ship while captaining the Defiant. Sisko, acting as the defence, points out the Defiant was under fire from two Klingon warships at the time, and it was a combat situation.

Sisko asks Odo to find out info on the Klingon captaining the destroyed ship. Ch'Pok thinks that Worf's extradition will score the Klingon empire some leeway in the quadrant.

The trial resumes, with Ch'Pok arguing that if Worf was experiencing Klingon bloodlust, he should be judged by that. Ch'Pok calls Dax as a witness and asks her about her combat practice with Worf, then presents as evidence one of Worf's personal files - a great Klingon battle, in which Worf always plays the role of the vicious conqueror and gives the order to torch a city and kill its inhabitants.

I have to wonder about having a Vulcan presiding at trial about what emotions Worf was feeling...

Ch'Pok next questions Sisko about when he sent Worf on the mission, and then Quark on Worf's mood before the mission.

Odo's investigation of the Klingon captain hasn't turned up anything suspicious. Sisko suggests he look into the rest of the passengers.

O'Brien relates what happened during the battle. The Klingon warships had fallen into a pattern of cloaking and attacking, and it was once Worf had anticipated the pattern that the Klingon transporter was destroyed. Ch'Pok questions him over whether he'd have made the same decision to fire, and he says no.

Ch'Pok talks to Sisko and suggests he accedes. Sisko seems amused at the idea, and believe Ch'Pok is worried. Odo lets Sisko know that the passengers on the transport all checked out.

Worf gives his evidence about the Klingon attack, and reaffirms he made the right decision. Ch'Pok needles Worf into attacking him as proof he'd attack an unarmed person.

Things look grim, but fortunately Odo has turned up new evidence. Sisko questions Ch'Pok on the current relationship between the Federation and Klingon Empire. As it turns out, the entire passenger complement of the destroyed ship were also on another ship which crashed a few weeks earlier. Gosh.

Worf admits to Sisko that he realises he shouldn't have accepted the mission, and Sisko chews him out for destroying the civilian ship without checking the target, but says he'll make a hell of a captain someday. Also Worf has to go to the celebration.
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