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Gallifrey Thursday - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2003-02-13 18:15
Subject: Gallifrey Thursday
Security: Public
The con continues...

A fine day! To Radio Shack!

Damn. No Radio Shacks within a five mile radius.
[footnote: I noticed one on the way to the IHOP on Monday. Hmmmm]

Met up with Jon Preddle (a NZ fan of some renown) and Meg. We all went to take his rental car back and find a Radio Shack, but, alas, the only RS we found was shut down. (I have skipped over a lot of the fun we had taking wrong turns and suchlike trying to find the Amtrak station to return the car!)

We waited some 40 minutes for the bus back to Van Nuys, where we went to Beeps and had malts. Groovy.

Meg and I went to the lobby and hung out with a bunch of people to basically watch con goers arrive. Of course, many of the people I did not know...

Additional notes:
Although I didn't find a power adapter, Tom Kelly was kind enough to lend me the power cord for his shaver a couple of times. This fortunately worked with my shaver, so I was able to recharge it. Thus I avoided looking like Sasquatch. Thanks, Tom!
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