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DS9: The Ship

The Ship: A Jem'Hadar warship crashes on a planet Sisko's team is surveying.

Sisko and a team are on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant scoping it out for mining possiblities. Apparently O'Brien actually grew up in Ireland. Dax thinks the place is worth mining. A ship crashes nearby, but the runabout is having trouble scanning it. Sisko's team gets to the crash site to find it's a Jem'Hadar warship.

They work on getting in, and finally get a hatch open. They wander around in the dark waving their flashlights around atmospherically until O'Brien starts finding corpses. Dax reports that the crew's been dead for ages - all of their bones have been shattered, which O'Brien blames on inertial dampener failure. With no survivors, they try to work on a way to salvage it.

On DS9, Odo's arresting Quark and Bashir because Quark imported some spiders for Bashir without a permit. Tsk.

The runabout reports that another Jem'Hadar warship has appeared, and shortly after the runabout is destroyed. Sorry, red shirts! Soon Jem'Hadar are beaming down and shooting at the Star Fleet team, who seek shelter in the crashed ship. O'Brien dresses a red shirt's wound.

The Vorta in charge of the Jem'Hadar outside contacts them, requesting to talk to Sisko personally. They hold a face-to-face meeting and Sisko claims the ship under salvage rights, but the Vorta, Kilana, says the Dominion doesn't recognise salvage rights. Meanwhile, Jem'Hadar troops transport into the ship. Kilana offers to take Sisko and his men back to DS9 in exchange for the ship. Sisko tells her where to go.

Inside the ship, O'Brien and Dax realise that they've been boarded and end up fighting a Jem'Hadar. Red Shirt shoots the Jem'Hadar. The humans are confused about why the Jem'Hadar was only armed with a knife. Red Shirt's wound is still bleeding. Sisko instructs O'Brien to work on the ship instead. O'Brien and Worf get into a fight over whether Red Shirt is going to die, and Dax takes Worf off to talk about tact.

Kilana has another meeting with Sisko and asks for an item from the ship. This doesn't go well, and the Jem'Hadar begin firing on the ship.

O'Brien wants to help Red Shirt, but Sisko tells him to work on the external sensors. The search starts for the mysterious item the Vorta wants. O'Brien gets the weapons working, but the turret is immobile, so they can only shoot in one direction. Greeeeat. Red Shirt continues to grow incoherent. The search turns up nothing but some randomised data crystals - Worf and Dax are both getting tetchy. O'Brien and Worf start coming to blows and Sisko tells them off, then snaps at Dax for her aside.

Time passes. O'Brien's gotten the engines working, so they have a go at lifting off. It doesn't go well. Sisko says they'll have to wait for the Defiant which will arrive in another 36 hours. O'Brien finds that Red Shirt has died. Everyone is bummed.

While Dax is commiserating with Sisko, they discover a Changeling disguised as a control panel. While they point weapons at it, Dax reports that it's dying. Sisko realises that that's what the Vorta was looking for. It dies. Kilana teleports in to report that her soldiers have committed suicide for letting their god die. Sisko realises that the soliders and runabout crew would still be alive if they'd trusted each other. After collecting some of the remains, she sods off.

The Defiant arrives and starts towing the Jem'Hadar ship back to base. Sisko says Star Fleet is giving them all medals. Dax reassures him that the five deaths were worth it, but he's not convinced. O'Brien and Worf commiserate over Red Shirt's coffin.
Tags: deep space 9

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