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DS9: ...Nor the Battle to the Strong

...Nor the Battle to the Strong: Jake and Bashir are caught up in a battle on a colony world.

Jake and Bashir are on a runabout on their way back to the station after some sort of medical conference. Suddenly we hear Jake's thoughts. We're telepathic! Holy crap! He's not very interested in Bashir's technobabble either. They receive a distress call from a Federation colony being attacked by Klingons. Bashir's reluctant to take Jake along, but Jake talks him into it so he can write it up as a story.

*obligatory title sequence*

On the station, Quark has invented decaf. Unfortunately it tastes foul. O'Brien is trying to get Kira off caffeine. This turns into a men versus woman discussion on whether O'Brien should have any say in it, which is short-circuited when Quark mentions that back home "pregnancy" is considered a "rental". Cue Sisko, who's had the news that Bashir and Jake have gone to render aid at the colony under attack by Klingons and is mighty worried.

The runabout reaches the colony and Bashir joins the medical workers. Jake attempts to help someone sprawled on the floor, but a passing doctor says he's too far gone. Bashir examines another fellow who appears to have a phaser burn to his foot. He shot himself in the foot to avoid having to face the Klingons. Another doctor gets Jake to apply pressure to a wound and soon he's employed carting patients around on stretchers. Eventually, everyone's treated.

Odo reports to Sisko that he just came from the infirmary - he jumped off a staircase intending to change form, but injured himself instead. This leads Sisko to worry about Jake again. Odo tries to reassure him. Dax reports that the starship that was going to provide relief to the colony has been destroyed before it could get there, so Sisko immediate fires up the Defiant.

Jake gets sick during dinner when Bashir makes a crass medical joke, and they discuss how some of the starfleet guys deserted when the Klingons turned up. Bashir chats to a doctor about the situation with the war - her husband is on one of those ships heading up an attack. Jake chats to another chap named Kirby who has a bit of a pessimistic outlook regarding their current situation.

That night, they're woken by an explosion as the Klingons knock out the power. Jake and Bashir go to get a portable generator from the runabout, and come under fire. Bashir goes down after something explodes nearby, and Jake legs it. Eventually he falls onto a dead Klingon, and finds he's stumbled onto the end result of a battle. He stumbles on a wounded Starfleet officer who gives him some water. And who seems to have escaped from the set of Starship Troopers. Jake wants to render aid, but the fellow is too far gone. He's disgusted by the news that Jake abandoned Bashir, and then karks it.

On the Defiant, Sisko is trying to keep busy to keep his mind off Jake. Dax reassures him.

Jake staggers back into the colony to find Bashir already got back with the generator. Bashir is relieved to see him, apologising for bringing him to the colony, but Jake's feeling guilt over leaving his friend behind. He talks to Foot Phaser, who is also feeling guilt. The medics joke about the best way to get killed, which provokes an angry tirade from Jake. Bashir takes him aside and asks him what's wrong, but Jake can't admit what he did.

The Klingons begin their attack, and they begin an evacuation. Jake hides under a table, but the roof starts collapsing and he flees. Klingons burst into the ward and start firing. Jake grabs a weapon and fires randomly back, caving the roof in. He recovers to find Sisko and Bashir have found him and they report that the cease fire has been reinstated. Thanks to Jake caving the roof in, the patients were taken out safely, and Bashir declares him a hero.

And back to the present, where Sisko and Bashir are reading Jake's (honest) account of the story. Sisko says he's proud of his son.

Now that totally made up for the previous episode. Cirroc Lofton in particular was great
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