Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Let He Who Is Without Sin...

Let He Who Is Without Sin...: Worf and Dax take a trip to Risa where some Essentialists are making a fuss about the planet.

Awww, Morn giving a flower to a girl.

OK, so! Apparently the O'Briens want to name their kid Shawn, which means "swamp" in Bajoran. Dax has a pulled muscle from sex with Worf. TMI. She and Worf are going for a holiday on Risa. Worf joins her, Sisko and Odo and says he has stuff to discuss with Dax. Apparently Dax had dinner with an ex and Worf's a bit irritated. After Odo and Sisko excuse themselves, Worf grumbles about how she shares too much. Bashir and Leeta decide to go along too. Also Quark invites himself along too. Worf is very annoyed.

Quark, of course, makes a pain of himself on the way and Worf tells him to get the hell back in his cabin. Everyone, except Worf, changes outfits before beaming down. Worf probably doesn't have any other outfits. Dax and Worf run into one of Curzon Dax's old friends, who claims that she killed Curzon by sex. Right. Apparently Dax thinks Worf is too controlling and Worf is jealous of her ease dealing with her ex-lovers. Returning to change so he can go swimming with Dax, Worf is approached by Pascal Fullerton, chairman of some group who wants to shut down Risa as part of restoring morals and decency to the Federation. Pah, killjoy.

Dax is irritated that Worf is reading Fullerton's propaganda. They find Leeta getting a massage, and Worf stares disapprovingly at her because she's not hanging out with Bashir. Worf's going to a New Essentialist rally. Fullerton gives a long speech about how everyone there is lazy and will wake up with guns to their heads.

Worf is irritated by Bashir and Leeta not spending time together, but as they explain, it's a Bajoran rite of separation. A bit later, some Essentialists trash the bar. Fullerton says he's proved his point - even Risa isn't safe.

That night, Worf and Dax have a chat about their relationship but don't establish much. The next day, Bashir and Leeta finish their rite of breaking up. Leeta confesses she fancies Rom.

Worf finds Dax moulting phallic symbols in clay with Curzon's ex, and goes back to their quarters to break things. He visits the Essentialists and says he has an idea of how to make people leave Risa.

Dax is worried about Worf, but Quark and Bashir decide to go skinny-dipping. Then it starts raining unexpectedly - Worf's sabotaged the weather control grid. The Risans are annoyed. It'll take 3 days or so to correct. Everyone is miffed at Worf.

After a while, the Risans are depressed and the guests complaining. Worf tells the Essentialists he's leaving, but Fullerton has something else in mind. Dax bitches to Worf, telling him that even for a Klingon, he's a stick in the mud. He confesses that when he was 13, he accidentally killed a boy during a soccer game and since he's been afraid of losing control. Their discussion is interrupted by an earthquake. The pair go to the Essentialists and demand the weather control uplink back. Though he returns the uplink, he also hits Worf and is thrown across the room for his trouble.

The weather finally clears up, and Dax and Worf go skinnydipping. Teh end.
Tags: deep space 9

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