Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: The Ascent

The Ascent: Odo and Quark are stuck on a planet together. Jake and Nog try to get along.

Jake is moving to quarters of his own on the other side of DS9. Oh, he's moving in with Nog. Wow, they kept that OTP quiet. Meanwhile Rom is excited that Nog is returning to the station. Quark brings root beer. Odo turns up to arrest Quark and take him before a Federation grand jury. Took long enough. They scoot off in the runabout, with Quark trying to get Odo to play cards, but Odo is busy reading bad romance novels, claiming it's for work.

Nog reports to Sisko and promises to take care of Jake. Nog and Jake visit their new quarters, but Jake seems less than enthused by Nog's scheduling gym visits.

Four days out from DS9 and Quark has cabin fever. He tracks a buzzing noise which has been bugging him to a floor hatch and they find a bomb. Odo attempts to beam it out, but it explodes on transport, damaging the runabout. Odo sets course for a nearby planet, and Quark reveals that his involvement in the Orion Syndicate is what he's in trouble for, and it's them who probably tried to kill them. The runabout crashes. They have two packets of field rations.

Back on the station, Nog is exercising. Apparently he's also proofread a story Jake left lying around. Jake is very annoyed.

Quark's pulled the emergency transmitter out of the runabout, because he thinks if they get it up higher, it'll be able to transmit beyond the atmosphere. Yes, he intends to them to lug it up a mountain. The pair start lugging the thing, arguing all the way. Quark thinks Odo has had a long-running wish to be a solid and now he has what he wanted. Then Quark falls on his face. And they argue some more. Are these two married yet?

Back on DS9, Nog is horrified by the mess Jake's made of their quarters. He says he's going out and expects the place to be clean when he gets back. This erupts into an argument. Are these two married yet?

Quark is annoyed they haven't found any bugs to eat yet. The pair reach the treeline only to find the mountain is somewhat further away than they thought. Quark breaks it to Odo that he's actually a witness against the Orion Syndicate - that's why they tried to kill him. Odo realises Quark couldn't afford to join the Syndicate. Quark points out this means Odo's been spending the last ten years trying to catch a nobody.

Rom and Sisko meet in the bar to talk about Nog, who's moved back in with Rom. Rom's surprised at the changes in his son and has taken a blood sample to make sure he's not a Changeling. Sisko wishes Jake was a bit more disciplined, and Rom wishes Nog would loosen up a bit. They start plotting.

Odo wakes Quark with a mild beating. Quark is alarmed when he realises he's deaf in one ear. The bickering continues as they head up the mountain. The bickering soon escalates into fighting and they tumble down the hill, resulting in Odo breaking his leg.

After fainting, Quark manages to splint the leg and sticks Odo on a stretcher. Odo suggests Quark leave him behind, but Quark says he's coming along as possible food. Eventually Quark collapses, but Odo says they're not high enough for the transmitter to work. When he can't talk Quark into continuing, Odo starts pushing the transmitter up the mountain himself. He gets a few feet. Fortunately, Quark remembers that if he dies there, Rom gets the bar, and starts heading up the mountain with the transmitter.

Sisko visits Jake to break the news that the quarters he's in require two people and Nog is moving back in. The pair seem a lot more friendly. The wedding is at oh three hundred.

Odo makes a final log entry, but before he can finish it, he's beamed up to the Defiant in orbit where Bashir makes with the medical stuff. Quark's signal got through. The two of them end up in beds next to each other in the infirmary where they reaffirm their hatred of each other. Awwwww, so sweet.
Tags: deep space 9

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