Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: The Darkness and the Light

The Darkness and the Light: Someone's killing Kira's old resistance cell friends.

Oh, hey, Bajorans. One just got zapped. Turns out it was an e-xmember of Kira's resistance cell, as Odo breaks the news to her. She returns to her quarters to find a cryptic audio message on her answerphone. Don't you hate when people don't leave their name?

Odo is stumped re where the message came from. O'Brien finds Kira in Quark's bar, complaining that she can't go down there and help find out what's going on, seeing as she's preggers and all. Odo reports that there's another message coming in for her. It turns out to be Fala, who's worried she's going to be killed next. Kira says Dax and Worf will pick her up and bring her to the station.

Apparently Dax lose two bars of latinum in a gambling thing of some sort. The pair try to beam up Fala, but the transport goes horribly wrong and she dies. Damn transporters. Kira is understandably upset, but Odo believes it was a murder. There's a Romulan device which scrambles transporter materialisations. Kira says Fala was an inside man during the occupation, but the fact she was was largely kept a secret.

Quark finds a pad with another of the messages on it. Kira and Odo sit down to work out who could be behind the killings, and the security system is promptly hacked to deliver a message that a third victim has been killed. Kira returns to her quarters, with a guard, to have a lie down and hears a thud from the next room. She goes in waving a blaster at anything that moves, eventually finding two of her resistance cell members. They apologise to the guard. The pair are ready to go out and kill whoever's been murdering people. O'Brien walks in and gets a blaster aimed at him.

Meanwhile, the Bajoran authorities have found the third body. Dax, Kira and Nog analyse the cryptic messages. Nog can make it out as a Bajoran female - it's Kira's own voice. Then there's an explosion in the O'Briens' quarters. Kira heads there, but collapses on the doorstep.

She wakes up in the infirmary. Her rebel friends are dead. She tells the story of her first resistance raid at the age of 13 to Odo. Odo has a list of possible suspects, but won't let Kira see it just yet. After he leaves, Kira transports to security and grabs the list. Odo spots that his chair has moved and realises Kira's gone. Sisko is annoyed and sends the Defiant in pursuit.

Kira eventually reaches the fourth name on the list, Silaran Prin. He manages to ambush her soon after she beams down and sticks her in a restraining field. Prin is slightly creepy. And disfigured. He was a servant during the occupation and was injured in a bomb attack on his leader's base. Prin intends to remove the O'Briens' baby so that he can kill Kira without endangering it. Kira asks for a sedative and Prin complies... but she's shamming, and attacks him when he releases the restraining field, killing him. The Defiant arrives just after the nick of time and rescues Kira.
Tags: deep space 9

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