Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: A Simple Investigation

A Simple Investigation: Odo gets his end away.

OK, so a couple of bumpy-forehead aliens rough up another bumpy forehead alien and end up killing him. Annoyed at not getting what they want, they decide to wait for the woman he was waiting for in the hope she knows where the thing they're after is hidden.

Meanwhile, Bashir has a new holo program which "Felix" sent him (obviously Felix Gaeta exists in the Trek universe and is not evil). Odo's suddenly not keen on being in it because it means he has to snog a woman as part of the story. Odo finds Quark hassling a woman, who's obviously plot relevant. She gets rid of him by pointing out one of his customers is cheating and mistakes Odo's question about her waiting for someone as a pick up line. Though Odo *does* seem very interested in her. So do the two bumpy forehead aliens from before who are sitting nearby.

Oh, hey, a title sequence. Kira notices that Odo seems distracted and he says the woman told him he was bedroom eyes. Four poster? She suggests he see her again and, lo and behold, she turns up in security. And she has a plug-in port in her head and is called Arissa. The dead bumpy headed alien was trying to find her daughter for her - Odo and Arissa go to his quarters and find the burnt carpet where he was phasered.

They speculate on why the alien dude was killed, and Odo drops the charges on Arissa for trying to break into the station computer. Later on, she... breaks into the station computer and Odo catches her looking in the alien's locker. She's found a data crystal and admits to Odo she doesn't have a daughter. She works for the Orion Syndicate and wants out - the information on the chip could help her escape the syndicate. Her boss, Draim, probably had the alien killed. Odo puts her in protective custody while the chip is analysed.

He hides her in his own quarters. Subtle, dude. He tries to persuade her to testify against Draim. She is so dead. Or secretly evil. After some uncomfortable romantic tension, Odo goes to check with Bashir on the holosuite about how to talk to women. They're interrupted by O'Brien with a gun and eyepatch. Odo returns to his quarters and manages to get to first base. And then sex happens. I'm not quite sure how that works with a Changeling.

I thought he fancied Kira. Tsk.

Arissa's surprised to find he's a virgin, other than a linking thing he did on his homeworld. She obviously doesn't know him that well. Meanwhile the rest of the staff gossips. Worf looks impatient.

Arissa contacts Draim to give him the crystal in exchange for her life, however he tells his men to kill her after she gives them the crystal. Meanwhile the Idanians tells Odo that Arissa's a sleeper agent who had her memories wiped so she could infiltrate the Orion Syndicate - the data chip contains her real memories. They go to Odo's quarters to find O'Brien knocked out, and both Arissa and the crystal gone. They try to track Arissa down - she's meeting with Draim's men to turn over the crystal. Fortunately Odo turns up and beats the tar out of them before they can shoot her.

They download the memories back into Arissa and turn her back into an Idanian. And then she breaks it to Odo that she's married. D'OH!
Tags: deep space 9

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