Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Business as Usual

Business as Usual: Quark takes up gun running.

Dax is playing card games against Quark, though he seems distracted by the state of the Ferengi stock market. Apparently he's bankrupt and may lose the bar. Quark's cousin, Gailia, arrives to offer him a job selling weapons. Quark reluctantly agrees. There is no possible way this can end well.

Jake finds O'Brien complaining that his new baby isn't sleeping through the night yet. Jake offers to babysit. O'Brien ends up taking the kid to work instead, cause he won't stop crying.

Before his first arms deal, Quark checks the bar for Odo. They show Gailia's associate, Hagath, holo-replicas of the weapons - the actual weapons will be traded outside Federation space. He's impressed, and the deal goes well. Quark's slightly disappointed that Hagath has seen fit to send his share of the profits directly to his creditors.

Meanwhile, O'Brien is still carrying the baby around everywhere with him. He demonstrates to Bashir how the baby cries when he puts it down.

Odo arrests Quark for selling weapons, but Sisko turns up to tell Odo to let him go on the order of the Bajoran government (Hagath used to supply weapons to the Bajoran resistance). Sisko lets Quark off with a vigorous threatening.

Hagath fires one of his associates, Farrakk, who's been slacking off. Quark's bar isn't doing well because the Federation customers are all staying away. Gailia said a new client is coming in and offers to let Quark take a bigger role in the operation so Gailia can step aside. Gailia also reveals that Hagath had Farrakk killed. Quark talks with Dax who's judgemental about him selling weapons. Can't think why.

Bashir says O'Brien's kid is fine. Thanks for that update, doc.

Quark and Hagath entertain the Regent they're intending to sell weapons to. They discuss how he wants to wipe out 28 million people to quell an uprising. Quark starts having second thoughts but Gailia bullies him into going along with it. Sleeping in the bar, Quark dreams everyone he knows is dead.

Meanwhile, O'Brien's found that his baby likes sleeping in the pit in Ops. Sisko suggests finding another spot, but O'Brien asks if they can wait as the baby's only just dropped off to sleep.

Quark breaks into Dax's quarters to say goodbye, then tells Hagath that he can't get the biogenic weapon that the Regent wanted, but can get a substitute weapon. He's getting a sample flown in. Meanwhile, Quark's invited the Regent's rebel enemies to the station so they can sell weapons to the other side as well. Gailia's concerned the two parties will see each other.

Quark fakes a problem with the container, giving him an excuse to leave while an "accidental" encounter happens between the two parties. Hilarity ensues.

Worf comes to see why O'Brien isn't getting his job done, and is given a baby. Surprisingly, the baby doesn't cry when Worf holds him.

Sisko tells Quark that the Regent was killed during the fighting, and he's unlikely to see his business associates again. Sisko drops the charges for inciting a riot so long as Quark pays for the damage to the cargo bay. Dax and Quark are friends again. She's not returning the Tongo wheel he gave her though.
Tags: deep space 9

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