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DS9: Ties of Blood and Water

It's March already??

Ties of Blood and Water: Kira's fake Cardassian dad comes to DS9 and has a terminal illness.

Dax, Kira and Worf greet Tekeny Ghemor, a Cardassian, aboard the station. He was the leader of a dissident movement on Cardassia. Worf observes that it seems weird that Kira's friends with a Cardassian. Kira shows Tekeny to his quarters where they discuss his search for his daughter, and her proposal for him to set up a dissident government in opposition to the Dominion-sympathetic government. Tekeny admits he can't because he has a terminal illness.

Bashir has a look, but says there's little he can do because the disease has already spread, but he has some things he can try. Gul Dukat contacts Sisko to ask for Tekeny back. Sisko points out that they don't have an extradition treaty.

Tekeny admires the O'Briens' baby, and suggests Kira might try for a baby with Shakaar. Apparently Kira is quite famous on Cardassia. She mentions that the Cardassians want him back, and he admits he's got a lot of knowledge which could harm the Cardassian empire. He wants to share it with her before he dies.

Sisko thinks she should go for it. Kira has a flashback to her father being badly wounded during the occupation, and decides to accept the responsibility of hearing Tekeny's stuff.

Tekeny's been hooked up to a bed thing which can dispense pain killers and stuff. He starts telling her about the political makeup of the Cardassian government. A THRILL A MINUTE! Understandably Kira gets bored and has another flashback to her dying dad complaining about how the Cardassians attacked him. When she zones back in, Tekeny's gone to sleep. Kira shares the info with Sisko, but is called to Tekeny's quarters - Bashir reports he's not responding to the medication any more and wants to tell her more boring political stuff.

A Dominion ship approaches the station. Dukat's on board and asking for Tekeny, and all their guns are pointing at the station. Sounds like they're serious. Dukat and Weyoun are escorted to Sisko's office, where Sisko observes he thought Weyoun died (he did. They're into cloning and this is the 5th Weyoun). Dukat says Tekney has been cleared of wrongdoing and can return to Cardassia.

Jeff Combs has arrived. If you're playing a drinking game, finish the bottle now.

Tekeny's not interested in returning home. Dukat says they have his daughter, but it's not enough to persuade Tekeny, and Kira chucks Dukat and Weyoun out. Tekney continues to share his secrets. Later Dukat visits Kira in her quarters to share Tekeny's military record. She throws a cup at him and promises she'll make him pay. She reads the military record anyway and becomes quite annoyed at Tekeny because he was at a Bajoran monastery which was burned down.

Weyoun's quite enjoying Dabo. Sisko tries to share a drink with Dukat - it's a bottle which was sent to Tekeny's quarters and is laced with poison. Weyoun is amused by the veiled threats, and downs the glass. Turns out Vorta are immune to most poisons. Handy.

Odo catches Kira at the Bajoran temple and discusses Tekeny. Odo points out Tekeny was only 19 at the time and only one of several hundred soldiers. Kira flashbacks to her dying dad again, remembering how she left his side to take part in a raid. Bashir lets her knows that Tekeny is getting worse and will die within the hour. After the ad break, Kira thanks him, but she's not going to go see Tekeny. Bashir says he doesn't deserve to die alone. She flashes back to coming back from the raid to find her father already dead. Tekeny is surprised when she returns to his bedside.

Bashir does the whole death certificate thing (Oh my god, they killed Tekeny!). Kira angsts over his death. Dukat claims the body and says they're going to say he repented and accepted the Dominion on his death bed, however Sisko says the funeral arrangements have already been taken care of - cut to Kira burying Tekeny on Bajor.
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