Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

DS9: Ferengi Love Songs

Heeeey, we just had a comedy Ferengi episode last week!

Ferengi Love Songs: Quark goes back to Ferenginar to mess with the economy.

So apparently there are people hunting voles in Quark's bar. Quark is depressed. He gets a visit from Rom who says he has good news - he and Leeta are getting married. Quark gets depressed further. On Rom's suggestion, Quark moves back in with their mother on Ferenginar.

Leeta wants a traditional Bajoran wedding. O'Brien and Dax ponder how Rom is not a traditional Ferengi, which makes him start having second thoughts.

Quark's mom is happy to see him, but isn't about to stop wearing clothing just to make him happy. Quark goes to his room and is dismayed all his stuff has gone. Also the Grand Nagus is hiding in his closet. It turns out the Nagus and Mom are having a relationship. Quark has a sit down.

Ferenginar, the planet of wacky hijinks! The entire planet is like an episode of Three's Company.

Displays of public affection ensue until the Nagus has to get back to running the empire. To Mom's surprise, Quark is quite happy she's shagging the Nagus, probably because there's something in it for him.

In the B-plot, Rom wants Leeta to sign a prenuptial agreement that if he dies, she doesn't get any of his stuff. Unsurprisingly, Leeta tells him to get lost, and they both pronounce the marriage off.

Back in the other B-plot, though it's probably more of a Z-plot, the Nagus and Mom are being mushy again. Quark goes into greasing mode, but the Nagus won't intervene to lift the sanctions on Quark. Quark retires his quarters and is surprised by Brunt beaming into his closet.

Jeff Combs has arrived, you know the drill.

Brunt's arrived to spy on the Nagus and Mom. He promises to return Quark's business licence if they team up to upset the newly-formed relationship. Quark visits the Nagus to drop a rumour that Mom is going to use her money to fund a revolution to give females equal rights. Scandalous! Back home, Quark convinces Mom to try to convince the Nagus to reinstate his license.

Back on the station, Odo's arrested Martok for brawling. Sisko tells Odo to let him go, then the pair find Rom sobbing. Rom claims they're tears of joy, and Sisko tells him to carry on. Kira and Leeta talk about the cancelled wedding as well.

Quark returns home to find Mom sobbing - the Nagus has left her. Quark contacts Brunt, who says his license has been reinstated. The next morning, the Nagus calls Quark to the Tower of Commerce to appoint him as First Clerk. The Nagus seems vague.

O'Brien visits Rom, who's thinking of bribing Leeta to sign the agreement. O'Brien points out if she signs the agreement, she'll have to give the latinum back. Rom solves the problem by giving his money to charity and he and Leeta get back together.

Quark returns home, where Mom says the market is down. Quark realises that Mom was actually helping him run the Ferengi empire, and accidentally blabs that he split them up. Mom says he may have just doomed the entire Ferengi economy.

Brunt pays Quark a visit to gloat over the financial problems. Brunt is aiming to be the next Nagus, which was the idea all along. Quark, however, tells Mom he's developing a conscience and the pair having a think about a course of action. Quark uses Mom's financial advice to help the Nagus restore the empire and gets the pair back together.

Mom gives Quark his action figures back, and he's excited by how much they're worth. Brunt pays Quark another visit to say he's keeping an eye on Quark. Yeah. Anyway.
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