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DS9: Soldiers of the Empire

Soldiers of the Empire: Martok invites Dax and Worf along on a mission to the Cardassian border.

Bashir is treating Martok for injuries sustained in the Holosuite. He turns down the offer of an artificial eye. Cybernetics is cool, man. Martok gets a transmission from the High Council and Bashir bitches about him dripping blood on his carpet.

Worf and Nog are trying to work on the Defiant and not having a lot of success. Martok tells Worf that he's got a new mission. Also, it turns out Martok's injury was caused by Worf. Aaaanyway, apparently a Klingon ship's gone missing near the Cardassian border, so Martok's been given a ship and is inviting Worf along as first officer. Sisko lets Worf go, but is curious why Worf wants to go - Worf says that Martok saved his life in the Jem Hadar prison camp a while back.

While Worf's gone, Kira organises the rest of the officers to do maintenance, and they discuss conditions on Klingon ships. Odo's keeping an eye on some new Klingons - one of them's wearing a necklace made from Cardassian neck bones.

Worf is surprised when Dax is coming along as science officer. Then there's about five minutes of fluffing around with backstory about how Curzon Dax was on the Klingon Homeworld and met the mother of Tavana, one of the crew. Curzon's probably also her dad. Also, there is singing.

They have a sitdown meal, which Dax starts by throwing a Klingon out of her seat. She also brought three barrels of blood wine aboard before they left DS9, which impresses the other Klingons. Martok notes that the crew is demoralised because they've been defeated by the Jem Hadar a couple of times. The crew gossips about Dax and Worf, and Dax disses one of the crew, Leskit. Soon the ship finds a Jem'Hadar vessel and cloaks.

After observing the ship scanning, Martok orders the bird of prey to continue on it's original course. The rest of the Klingons, obviously spoiling for battle, are disappointed. Dax warns Worf that the crew is disgruntled. Worf takes the concerns to Martok, who rejects them.

Leskit rails at length to the crew and then a brawl breaks out before Dax stuns someone. Dax talks to Worf again, but Worf is confident in Martok's ability to lead. Dax expects the ship will soon devolve into chaos. Finally Dax detects a distress signal from the missing Klingon ship and they head to investigate. Obvious trap.

Martok thinks it's an obvious trap. No one else seems to care. They reach the Cardassian border and find the missing ship. Martok is hesitant to enter Cardassian space as he believes it's a trap. The rest of the crew is horrified that he won't cross the border to save any possible survivors, but he tells them to STFU and leaves Worf in charge. Dax talks to Worf, who's only course is to challenge Martok for control of the ship, though if Martok doesn't acquiesce, Worf will have to kill him.

It's hilarious that the most Klingon-like character in this episode is Dax. Sheesh. How emasculating.

So, the ship just hangs there in space. The crew tell Worf that he must kill Martok and start making with the threats. Worf is unimpressed and, before the crew can mutiny, announces they're going on the rescue mission. Martok's annoyed and so the knife fight is on. Martok wins and the crew start chanting his name. Tavana reports an incoming Jem'Hadar ship and, reinvigorated, the crew prepare to fight. Fortunately Worf's knife wound isn't too bad.

The ship arrives back at the station, and Martok reports that they've rescued 35 survivors and they want 15 barrels of blood wine to celebrate their victory over the Jem'Hadar ship. Martok thanks Worf for reminding him of his duty as a Klingon officer. And invites him into the House of Martok. Worf accepts.
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