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DS9: Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory: Shot dooooooowwwwwwwwwwn

Nog has dinner with the Siskos. Apparently they're eating squid and puréed tube grubs. YUM! Nog says security's been having trouble with the Klingons. OK, Nog is having trouble with the Klingons ignoring him. Sisko suggests standing up to them. The polite thing to do when a Klingon ignores you is to shout. Martok reports that the Marquis are still active. And they're launched missiles at Cardassia. Apparently the Klingon High Council provided the Marquis with cloaking devices for their ships, and it looks like they've used them on the missiles. If Cardassia is hit, there'll probably be a huge war.

After an unsuccessful search of the Bad Lands, Sisko consults Eddington, who's still in prison. He says Sisko can't intercept the missiles or otherwise stop them. And he's totally disinterested in helping.

On the station, Morn's snapped and attacked Quark. Sisko reports that he's going to go into the Bad Lands with Eddington to try to find a way to stop the missiles. Sure, dude, have fun. Eddington's not impressed with the replicated food, and elaborates at length. It's a mark of Sisko's tolerance that he hasn't just stunned the bugger by now. Eddington brings up one of Sisko's old friends, who joined the Marquis and died in a skirmish with the Cardassians. Then it turns into a discussion about how this is all about Sisko's leadership fetish.

Nog and Jake watch a couple of Klingons head-butting, and Nog says he's going to arrest them if they get any louder. Then he falls over backwards in his chair and becomes very embarrassed.

Sisko detects some incoming Jem'Hadar warships. And turns the ship over to Eddington. His bluff totally works, and Eddington says he'll take Sisko to the launch site, help him deactivate the missiles, and then kill him. The warships catch up with them, but Eddington has plan B. Plan B involves Sisko going to engineering and fiddling with the plasma flow regulators. They release plasma behind them, causing an explosion which wipes the Jem'Hadar ships out. Sisko is somewhat annoyed about Eddington not keeping the ship steady while he did his work.

Meanwhile, on the Jake and Nog show, they're discussing Nog's love life, or lack thereof. Nog spots a couple of Klingon in their usual spot. He challenges Martok, who laughs and moves on.

The runabout reaches Athos IV, where the launch platform's located. After clambering around in tunnels, Sisko and Eddington encounter Jem'Hadar soldiers. While Eddington keeps them distracted, Sisko sneaks around behind them and hits them with a pipe. The bodies disposed of, they proceed to the launch site where they find Marquis corpses. Eddington is upset, but Sisko tells him they have to stop the missiles. They find a bunch of still-living Marquis, including Eddington's wife.

The Marquis admit that there are no missiles, and the whole thing was a ploy to get a rescue team in. Sisko is at least happy there are no missiles, but punches Eddington anyway. Everyone heads for the runabout. The Jem'Hadar, of course, attack them, and Eddington is wounded. He stays back to hold the Jem'Hadar back until they kill him. The others all get off in the runabout.

Nog is getting more respect from the Klingons. Sisko discusses Eddington's death with Dax, and she says Sisko has more in common with Eddington than he thinks.
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