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DS9: In the Cards

Wow, almost at he end of season 5 already. There's a squinty dude on Sport Box which is on before Trek, and he's really annoying. Also annoying - the way they play the push play song THREE TIMES at the end of the show. Once is enough, guys.

And just to prove me wrong, they didn't this time. Maybe someone got a clue.

In the Cards: Jake and Nog try to buy a baseball card for Sisko. Hijinks ensue.

Everyone's sitting around having a glum meal. Who died? Oh, the thing with the Dominion is not going well. Odo had to cancel a trip to Bajor cause thefts are up. Everyone leaves, and Sisko says he wants to be alone for a while. Then Ops reports that Kai Winn is coming to the station tomorrow to meet with Sisko.

Jake and Nog retire to the bar, where Quark tries to interest them in an auction of some salvage. Jake perks up when it turns out one of the items is a Willy Mays baseball card, and resolves to try to get it for his dad. He tries to talk Nog into giving him some money, since as a human, Jake doesn't use money. How does he pay for stuff at the bar then? Nog refuses to give him any of his five bars of latinum, until Jake emotionally blackmails him.

Sisko meets with Kai Winn and strolls around the station with her. Winn is meeting with a Dominion representative.

The auction starts, and Jake and Nog end up in a bidding war, but have to drop out when a human bids ten bars of latinum. Jake is depressed. Nog suggests getting Sisko a new pair of shoes, but Jake's set on getting the card. They approach the buyer, but he seems to mistake them for someone else and rambles about breaking the laws of nature.

Aaaaand Jeff Combs has arrived. Wayoun, that is.

Back in what is apparently the A plot, the buyer, Giger, has invited Jake and Nog to visit him. He has a room full of equipment. He's checked out the pair and realised they're not his enemy, and wants to trade the card for some equipment. Giger explains he's working on immortality, despite all the other scientists laughing at him. He's invented a chamber which gives pep talks to body cells. Riiiiight. Jake and Nog decide he's a crank, and Jake agrees to try to get the equipment. He doesn't want to shake hands because, ewww, germs.

The pair try to scrounge the parts. They offer to recalibrate some EPS conduits for O'Brien in exchange for a Cardassian power cell. They manage to steal Bashir's teddy bear back from Leeta in exchange for some medical supplies.

Meanwhile, Winn says that Weyoun has offered a non-aggression treaty. She asks Sisko's advice, and he says she should stall for time.

Jake takes the supplies to Giger, who's experiments have attracted the attention of the Weyoun and the Jem'Hadar in the quarters upstairs. The two boys start becoming irritated by each other trying to help other crew members in exchange for goods, but eventually get everything. They return to Giger's quarters to find them completely empty.

Odo says there's no record of Giger being assigned those quarters. When they try to explain Giger's work, he kicks them out. They spot Winn talking with the Vedek who was also bidding on the lot with the baseball card in it. Jake immediately suspects Winn of kidnapping Giger. After accusing her, they're hauled up in front of Sisko. Jake claims drunkenness, and he confines them to quarters. Shortly later, the pair are beamed out of a turbolift and confronted by Jem'Hadar soldiers.

Must be a Tuesday, I guess.

Weyoun questions them, but doesn't believe their story about the baseball card. Jake ends up spinning a story about Giger being from the future and having called Willy Mays into existence. Or something. Weyoun decides he believes their first story. He's interested in Giger's work and lets the two boys go, letting them have the card.

Sisko observes that his crew is acting a bit more cheerful, thanks to Jake and Nog's work helping them. And gives his son a hug for getting him the baseball card. Awwwwww.
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