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DS9: Call to Arms

Call to Arms: Annoyed at the Dominion convoys coming through the wormhole, the DS9 crew decide to mine the entrance.

Rom and Leeta look at wedding dresses. They can't decide on one acceptable to both of them. Quark says any marriage where the female is allowed to speak and wear clothing is doomed. The pair ask Sisko to marry them. Then they watch a convoy of Dominion ships appearing through the wormhole headed for Cardassia.

Sisko has dinner with his son, but is a bit annoying about the article Jake had published about the war. Kira discovers that Quark is smuggling in Cardassian sauces. Dax observes that she and Odo have been avoiding each other over Odo's feelings. There's a rumour the Romulans have signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion, and Sisko calls a meeting. They're going to mine the entrance to the wormhole to stop more Dominion ships coming through.

O'Brien, Dax and Rom work on mines. Rom's nervous about his impending marriage, but comes up with the idea of self-replicating mines. Sisko says Star Fleet isn't sending any reinforcements and they'll have to defend the Defiant while it deploys the mines. Odo says he wants to ask Kira out to dinner, but isn't going to in light of the current crisis.

They begin mining the wormhole, which results in a visit from Jeff CombsWeyoun, who says if they don't remove the mines, the Dominion will conquer the station and remove them anyway. After threats don't work, he tries bargaining - remove the mines and the Dominion will only send cargo and medical ships in their convoys. Sisko's left convinced that the Dominion will attack the station and begins preparations.

He tells Kira that he's going to recommend that Bajor takes the non-aggression pact with the Dominion. The bill goes through, and the Bajorans, including Dukat's half-Bajoran daughter, start evacuating the station. Sisko marries Rom and Leeta. Quark is not impressed with the Bajoran-style wedding and gives the union two months. Of course, the couple immediately has to split up, as Leeta has to evacuate the station. Rom totally stole his farewll speech from Casablanca.

Martok reports a fleet of Dominion ships on the way to the station. Dukat contacts Sisko to offer a surrender, which gets the expected response, and Sisko calls battle stations. Dax reports it'll take another hour to finish laying the mines, which they don't really have. Jake helps Bashir dole out emergency medical kits. Odo grumbles about feeling useless, and Garak offers to become his deputy to give him something to do.

The Dominion fleet hoves into view. Dukat's keen to take Bajor next, but Weyoun points out they have a non-aggression pact. The battle for the station begins. Some Dominion ships start attacking the Defiant, but are swiftly destroyed by Martok. The Defiant finishes laying the mines, activates the field and starts back to the station. More Dominion ships close in, and Sisko orders the evacuation of DS9.

Worf'd been assigned to Martok's ship, and Dax says she'll marry him when the conflict is over. Sisko gives an inspirational speech, announcing that the Dominion shipyards were destroyed while the Dominion was distracted at the station. That done, the Defiant and Martok's ship leg it.

Kira surrenders the station to the Dominion, then initiates a program which blows DS9's control systems. Rom is staying on the station as a spy, as Quark's assistant manager. Also Jake is staying on the station as a reporter. Sisko is very annoyed.

Weyoun and Dukat board the station with their troops, and greet Kira, Quark and Odo. Dukat returns to his office to find Sisko's baseball, a sign that Sisko will be back. The Defiant, meanwhile, rendezvous with a combined fleet of Star Fleet and Klingon ships.
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