Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Gallifrey Tuesday

Last one...

This is going to be a mishmash of Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. I left LA on Tuesday and got home on Thursday.
1:20am (Wednesday, technically...)
Once I got on the airplane for Auckland, I discovered to my dismay that I'd been assigned a seat in business class.

Outraged, as you would be, I bought the matter up with one of the cabin crew, and it turned out because it was a new plane (747-7000) some of the economy passengers had ended up in business class seating.

Utterly appalling. Woe is me.

How was today (Tuesday, that is)? Well, Meg left at 4am to catch her flight, and I was left to fill in the time before my 8:30pm flight.

The original plan is that Jon Preddle and I were going to catch a bus to Ventura to shop. After waiting an hour for a bus of some sort, we returned to the hotel to get a taxi.

At the hotel, we ran into Ash and Eva, who were headed for Northridge mall, so we two, plus Doug Neman(?) accompanied them and did the dashing about the shopping mall thing.

I've now finished reading Doctor Who: Heritage, by Dale Smith. Pretty good book, I must say. A few years ago I might have been incensed by certain events in it, but I am mellower now.

I am now in the Qantas domestic terminal at Auckland. Checked my cell phone to discover it was turned on. Goodness knows when that happened - it still has a full change so I'm guessing it happened after I got off the flight from LA.

And we have Gally pictures sign!

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