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Ordering online is fun!

I have some wireless headphones at work that are just about had it, and I noticed Bond and Bond had some nice ones on sale today. Since it was hosing down with rain and the special said it ran out today, I ordered them online this morning, but said I'd pick them up at the Lower Hutt branch.

Fast forward to later today, and I got an email headed up "Order XXXX is ready for pickup". It had stopped raining, so I walked over to the Bond and Bond and was told that they wouldn't get the order details through until tomorrow, and since I didn't have a printout of the receipt from online, they couldn't give me the item I'd ordered.

It didn't say anything about needing a print out of the invoice on either of the emails I got, but then it also didn't mention the need for photo ID, which I remember the website flashing a message at me about at one point. Their customer service FAQ only says about the need for photo ID.

So, uh, no headphones.

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