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I usually stay out of politics

Cause it inevitably leads to bad feeling, but since the US president seems hell-bent on war, I thought I'd point some things out.

He says there should be a war with Iraq because:
a) they have weapons of mass destruction
b) they have ignored UN resolutions which are aimed at maintaining the peace
c) they are working toward war.

So, we're just lucky that the US has:
a) weapons of mass destruction
b) a president who ignores the UN resolution not to go to war with Iraq
c) and who is working toward war.

It's odd watching the events unfold from outside the US, because from the information we get, it appears that the general population of the US is against the war, as are the UN and its member nations, yet the US president is happily leading the charge...

I promise this is likely to be my one and only mention of politics for some time.

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