Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Jeff & Mel

El Jeff Stoat came to visit and we watched a Transformers episode, the interview disc for Wrath of Khan, and then we went and ran around Lower Hutt for a while. I bought Moby, Play: the B Sides. It was a pretty good time.

On the way home I was pondering again how to fit the Doctor Who novel Heritage into my Mel Bush timeline... (spoilers ahoy...)

Here's the problem:

Heritage takes place sometime after Survival. In it the Doctor and Ace arrive on planet Heritage and discover that Mel, who had settled down there with a hubby, had been killed sometime before they arrived.

Meanwhile, back in the 90s, Head Games was released. In Head Games, The Doctor, Benny, Chris and Roz encounter Mel during an adventure combatting the Master of the Land of Fiction. Ace (Or Dorothee as she was known then, though she's referred to as Ace in the book, ISTR...) also appears and makes no mention of Mel's untimely death. At the end of the story Mel is left on Earth in her own time.

Since Head Games takes place later in the Doctor's timestream, it's hard to see how we can reconcile Heritage with it.

So here's my theory:
The Doctor leaves Mel with Glitz at the end of Dragonfire. Mel later leaves Glitz and ends up on Avalone (as per Head Games) where she meets future hubby. She marries hubby and they move to Heritage, where they're both killed as per Heritage.

The Doctor and Ace travel together. At the start of Timewyrm: Genesys, the Doctor inadvertantly erases Ace's memories, and when he restores them, he accidentally leaves out the events of Heritage (or on purpose if he was feeling manipulate, as he does).

Fast forward to Head Games: The Master of the Land of Fiction (hereby referred to as Jason, cause that's his name) interceeds with the previous timestream and removes Mel from Avalone. She enounters the Doctor and Dorothee, the latter of whom doesn't remember Mel died. The Doctor *does* remember she died, and this is why he remains guitly quiet and acts more or less as a punching bag for her anger.

At the end, he quietly returns her to Earth, knowing that he's made a change in history, but telling himself that it won't make any major difference in the long run.

*Ahem* ramble over.

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