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Phwoar! Check out that rack!

Ok, I just remembered the funniest part of last night's Earth: First Wave (er, I mean Earth: Final Conflict)...

The Rack!

Here's the scene: our hero Renee Palmer has been zapped back in time to a monastary sometime in the dark ages (though they never much mention a date) and has been tied to The Rack by the monks. For some reason The Rack is about half a metre too short. It probably should also be horizontal, like a bed.

So one of the monks is happily turning the wheel at her head, and Renee makes a face like it's hurting her. The effect is spoilt somewhat by the fact that the ropes holding her wrists are actually quite slack, and the fact that her arms are bent at the elbows. In fact, the only purpose The Rack appears to be serving is to thrust Ms Palmer's chest out for the camera.

I guess at least the episode wasn't boring...

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