Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

Pinched/swiped/whatever from various people

Who have you introduced to Livejournal?
senorhonkhonk with the aid of drake57. However he appears to have lost interest. :)

List everyone on your friends list you have met in person:
alryssa, antiwesley, bond007kitty, campion7, drbombay, frobisher, gordon_r_d, ianmcin, kalibex, kiri_l, lyssie, mcganndoc, michaellee, nexstarman, paygem, random_c, ravenevermore, senorhonkhonk, sgloomi, shill66, swiftangel, theta_g, whomiga, and possibly utterlystupid, though I don't think we were introduced at the time.

Anyone on LJ you can't stand?
Not that I know of.

Name one person on your friends list you'd like to meet:
Everyone I haven't met. And I'd like to catch up with those I have met before as well.

Last person you added?

Ever banned someone from commenting in your journal?

Biggest pet peeve about LJ?
It's yet another way of communicating with people who I am unlikely to meet short of traveling many thousands of kilometres.

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