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Yay! Just got home...

OK, my evening:
I got into Wellington about 5:30, and ambled around the shops for a while. Unfortunately this necessitated my purchase of Big Trouble in Little China on DVD. Don't ask why. Got some food at Burger King for the heck of it.

Got ze ticket and went in. I'm now glad I bought a seated ticket as I don't think I could have stood up that whole time without doing myself an injury. The standing room was packed. The seating was all in the gallery - I was seated opposite the stage, so I got a pretty good view.

I didn't catch the name of the supporting act, but they were good. Electronic/drum and bass sort of thing. Some of the time a couple of the band members didn't have anything to do, so they just sat down at the back and had a drink... I was amused by the dreadlocked guy carefully selecting a record to put on the turntable to do the scratchy thing with (do you have to have a specific record or was he just making sure it was a fresh, unscratched one??)

After the supporting band finished, there was a 20 minute gap while their equipment was dismantled and carted off the stage. Then Morcheeba themselves finally appeared.

I only have one of their albums so I wasn't familiar with most of their songs. I did recognise Love Sweet Love and Be Yourself, and possibly Love is Rare. And, inexplicibly, Jolene. The "last" song they did was Blindfold.

Band leaves stage, five minute pause while audience clap and yell and stomp and make a lot of noise, band returns to stage. I never understood that custom.

Worked though.

They came back and did several more songs, finishing with Rome Wasn't Built in a Day to rapturous applause. By the end they had everyone in the gallery standing as well.

So then I staggered back to the car and drove home.

All in all pretty good. Skye owns the stage, though she had trouble at first getting the audience participation going...

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