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Because I'm a fan of useless stats.

My Webring memberships:
Drooling Fan Boy21229120
British SF18149151811
Doctor Who Time Ring72683226740
The Time Ring147187314154101
Kiwi Fans92223541
Kiwi Fans91455810
DW Time Grrrl1316918693

What all that crap means:
Member = total number of members in that ring
Out = people clicking on a ring link on my page and therefore leaving it (The three columns are site rank within the results, total for last 8 weeks, and total for last 2 weeks)
In = people arriving at my site from the ring (site rank/8 week total/2 week total)

E.G.: for the British science fiction webring, I was ranked 1 of contributing sites, contributing 49 hits in the last 8 weeks, and 15 in the last two.

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