Pump Up The Volume

Hey, Youtube! Stop sucking!

Recently YouTube have done some sort of thing where when I load a video, it will only buffer up to 45 seconds. And since my connection downloads video slower than I can play it, that means that I get to play about a minute of the video, and then have to stop and wait for it to buffer another 45 seconds so I can play the next minute.

This is not ideal.

Anyone know any way to fix this so I don't have to download videos using Keepvid just to watch the things without stopping all the time?

My new car needs work!

Apparently there's a possible fault with the fuel hose on that model, so they want me to take it in and get the pipe replaced. They note that it will go faster if I take the car in with the petrol tank "less than half full". What if I'm a "more than half empty" kinda guy?

So Firefox is my primary browser again now.

I'm not sure what Google Chrome's beef is, but I watched a YouTube video earlier and when I finished and tried to close the tab, Chrome locked up. And when I restarted and it reopened all the previous tabs, and I tried to close the reopened YouTube tab again, guess what happened? Yep, Chrome crashed.

I figured it was A Thing. Then later on I watched a YouTube video and when I closed the YouTube tab, guess what happened? Nope, this time my entire computer reset.

So Chrome* is in the doghouse and I'm using Firefox, which doesn't seem to have any trouble at all with YouTube pages. Luckily Mozilla has a page on importing bookmarks from Google Chrome which is very helpful.

* For the score, Chrome version 16.0.912.77m which says it's up to date.